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When you donate a car in Gilroy we add between 25-50% value to your car! Our car donation program is fast, free and easy. PLUS, we actually improve your car using our very own in-house car techs. Unlike many car donation programs in Gilroy like Wheelsforwishes or kars2kids who send cars “as-is" to auction, we to add some love to your vehicle donation. When your car sells at a higher value, your charity gets a bigger donation and YOU get a GREAT tax deduction!





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How Does Car Donation in Gilroy Help YOU?

Sure, donating a car to charity is a no-brainer if you would like to contribute to a great cause. But what's in it for you (other than the feel-good satisfaction you get when you do something nice?) Here are some other great reasons you may consider vehicle donation in Gilroy: 

FREE clean-up service for vehicle hoarders (Get your garage back!)Chevy Truck

 Are your toys in the garage are starting to multiply? Are you running out of space in your driveway? It's probably time to clear the clutter and streamline your life a little bit. Give us a call 855-520-2100 to set up FREE TOWING so you can begin the process of getting yourself organized (The charity you chose reimburses Cars2Charities for the towing, improvements, and handling). When is the last time you used the golf cart? How long have you been using the motorcycle as a coat rack? Donate a golf cart, RV or motorcycle in Gilroy and get your driveway back! 

A generous donation gets you a generous tax deduction!

Adding value to your vehicle, whether it needs to run better or look better, is part of what makes us unique. We have found that sending your vehicle donation to auction “as-is" is not the best thing for your charity or YOU. We prefer to take the time to improve the value of your vehicle before we sell it directly to a buyer on behalf of charity. By taking that extra step in our vehicle donation program, we typically add 25-50% value to our donated cars. When your donated car sells for more money, your charity makes more money AND you get to deduct the final sale price off the car. That's what we like to call a warm, fuzzy, win-win charity deal!

Donating a car is a real time-saver (especially if you can't be bothered fixing your car up or selling it.)

When you think about all the work that goes into selling your car, it can be an overwhelming task. First, you need to fix any repairs and get it detailed. Then, you have to advertise it and arrange for people to test drive it. Finally, you have to deal with legal paperwork (cross your fingers that you have all the necessary car documents.) It's a downright pain in the chassis to sell your own car. If your time is more valuable than the car you are selling, it's probably a good time to call our auto donation program in Gilroy.

How Does Car Donation in Gilroy Work?

1. Schedule FREE Towing When it is Convenient for YOU 

Just call 855-520-2100 to get started donating your car in Gilroy. Our car donation experts can quickly grab the info they need in LESS than five minutes. We'll ask you a few questions, and if you already know what charity you'd like to represent, you can let us know over the phone. Finally, when it is most convenient for YOU, we schedule a time to pick up your SUV, truck or golf cart for FREE.

2. YOU Choose the Charity — Any Charity! 

When you donate a vehicle in Gilroy, it's EASY to choose any charity you wish! You can find several great IRS approved charities. Of course, if you already have a cause that is personally meaningful to you, just let us know! If you are not sure about which charity to choose, that's okay too. In fact, at your request, we are happy to choose for you like we do for 1 out of 4 of our auto donors. 

If you have a soft spot for our furry friends, the animal rescue of your choice would greatly benefit from your donation. Maybe you would rather donate your vehicle to support  medical research. Giving to charities like the Teen Cancer America,  Alzheimer's Association, or Breast Cancer Awareness may help fund cures for life-threatening illness. Perhaps your passionate about supporting our veterans with a donation to Wounded Warrior Project or USO.

3. Get Your Tax Deduction Paperwork

filingtaxesOnce we tow your car for FREE and we have a charity picked out, the rest is up to us! Our highly-trained car techs will work their magic enhancing the value of your vehicle donation, so we can sell it at a higher price. Sit back, relax and wait for your IRS form which is sent within 30 days of the sale of your car donation. When you and your charity each have a copy of the same document specifying the final sales price, you're all clear to deduct the FULL SALE PRICE of the vehicle off your taxes! Yay!

Why is Cars2Charities Your Best Option for Car Donation in Gilroy?

Sure, any car donation program in Gilroy can be “fast and easy," but there is only one that is fast, easy AND gets you the BEST possible tax return for your donation! With over 35 years in the automotive industry, Cars2Charities has the experience and know-how to improve your car in-house before selling it at a higher value directly to a buyer. You can be sure that your charity gets the best possible donation and you get the highest tax deduction! 

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Whether it is a personal car or a commercial vehicle like a van or bus, we'll gladly accept your vehicle donation in Gilroy. Donate your unused motorcycle, van, boat, golf cart or camper and make a difference in your community.

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