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Can I donate an RV to charity?

RV donation in orange-county has changed life from beforeYes! In fact, recreational vehicles or RVs are among the most sought-after gifts in the non-profit vehicle donation world because of the sizable contribution it can represent to a charity.

RVs or recreational vehicles are great purchases for families who like to travel. But sometimes as children grow up or parents get more keen on spending time at home, an RV can become more of an expensive burden in the garage or on the driveway than a pleasurable part of your life. Many people have RVs that have not been driven in years, taking up valuable space in the yard -- or racking up storage fees month after month -- simply because they don't have as much use for it anymore, and don't know quite the best way to create value from it. In fact, what some families pay in storage and maintenance fees for unused RVs each year might send them on a nice vacation!

If you have an RV and you’re not making great use of it, now’s the time to find it a new home. Have you considered donating your unwanted trailer, motorhome or RV to charity? If not, think about the benefits of a vehicle donation and how it can help you make a real difference through the great work of your favorite charity or non-profit organization.

Where can I donate an RV?

Based in Orange County, Cars2Charities has become the premier solution for owners seeking to donate a recreational RV Donation in Orange County is easyvehicle. It doesn't matter if you own a Class A, Class B, Class C, fifth wheel, pull behind, pop up trailer, tent trailer or a camper. We're able to process your donation quickly, and get you the best results. Why? Because we’ve developed a unique operating model that adds VALUE to your vehicle. We maximize the sales price of virtually every vehicle that’s donated -- so that the highest possible amount can go to whichever non-profit you select. 

How Do I Donate a Recreational Vehicle?

When you donate an RV or donate a trailer to charity, Cars2Charities makes the process smooth and easy. Simply give us a call at 855-520-2100 to begin the donation process. One of our friendly vehicle donation coordinators will walk you through the donation process, with speed and ease. It can take as little as 3-5 minutes.

Want to learn more? Visit our Vehicle Donation Videos to see answers to specific questions that donors have asked.

RV Donation in Orange County is FastBy the way -- sometimes a donor is thinking of giving away an RV or camper, but the vehicle may be worth more than they want to donate to charity. So donors sometimes ask, “Can you sell my donated RV, so that I can give a PORTION of the proceeds to charity, and keep part of it in cash for myself?” Our answer is yes -- depending on your circumstances. We can make special arrangements where, if your RV or camper sells for more than $5,000 you have the option of donating a certain percentage to a charity and receiving the remaining amount in cash. Of course, in such a case you can deduct only a pro-rated amount from your taxes, based on what you designated for your non-profit. Cars2Charities has processed some very high-value RV donations, and a customized solution may be best in your case as well.

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What happens when I donate an RV?

First, we arrange to pick up your RV (or any other vehicle), at whatever location you wish, and whenever it's most convenient for you. Whether if the RV Donation is in Orange County, Los Angeles or San Diego, we've got you covered. Pickup is usually within 24-72 hours. You're released of all liability as soon as we contact the DMV on your behalf, typically the same day as we take possession of it. We handle all the DMV paperwork for you -- even if you can't find your title. The service is free to you, as well as fast -- so this is a great way to move that gas guzzling, lovable, expensive memento of good times out of your yard or storage, and let it begin its next chapter in another new and loving home.

After your RV donation (or camper, trailer or other recreational vehicle) arrives, we RV Donation in Orange County has Free Towingevaluate it with our 16-point checklist to determine how we can add value. We take photos of it “as is”, and determine a baseline price that we work hard to improve by at least 25-50%, which is our historical track record. We view your vehicle through the eyes of a potential buyer, and consider what investment we can make to how it looks and runs, to broaden its appeal to the largest number of potential customers.

Next, we immediately begin our restoration and cleaning process — whatever is needed to get it into tip-top shape.

Then, we take dozens of high-resolution, great-quality photos that showcase your beloved RV in its best light while providing proper disclosure of whatever a future owner should know. That helps us market it to someone who will love and appreciate it as much as you did — and who will likely pay the best price, giving you the most value for your donation, and the highest net proceeds for your charity.

Meanwhile, we provide storage and other cover other costs as part of our service to the charity of your choice.

When you donate an RV to charity you’ve discovered a fast, convenient way to dispose of a large or hulking item that may have been weighing on your mind and/or your finances. Cars2Charities helps you make the most of your donation. Our team makes it easy to donate your RV to any charity you choose.

Your vehicle donation will then begin to do the good work you intended. You’re always in control of choosing your own charity, whether it’s a non-profit national or international group, or a local group such as a church, school, sports, health or research program – to name a few. 

What's the best charity to donate my RV to?

The “best” charity is the one you are most passionate and knowledgeable about. We work with Tired of Storage Fees? Consider RV Donation in Orange Countyyou to ensure that your gift goes exactly where you want it. One often-used starting point for selecting a great non-profit organization is the independent research summarized in Charity Navigator's "Top 10" lists.

Some donors like to do their own research, while others prefer to say, “Just pick one for me -- donate to whoever you think would benefit most." You can also tell us, for example, "Pick a charity group that focuses on international relief, or animal rescue, or ...” whatever. Simply fill in the blank. We take care of the rest.

When you work with Cars2Charities your RV donation will benefit whichever non-profit charity you care the about most, or that you find most convenient. 

Is there an RV donation tax deduction?

Yes, RV donations to charity absolutely are tax deductible. When you donate a RV or other vehicle through Cars2Charities, we provide you with an IRS 1098-C form, which enables you to deduct the full sale price of the vehicle from your taxes. This means you get the benefit of any and all improvements we make to the vehicle, as we work to improve how it looks and runs. Gas Prices too high? Consider RV Donation in Orange County.This often equates to a substantial bonus for you as the vehicle owner, compared to the price that you could sell it for on your own, or with a car dealer, or with any other typical car donation program.

Of course, the value of your RV donation tax deduction depends on your individual tax bracket, and your accountant or tax advisor can answer any questions you may have. 

Why should I donate my RV?

When you make the decision to donate a RV, camper, trailer or other recreational vehicle charity, you immediately gain several benefits. First, you get to clear that space in your garage, storage unit or driveway. Second, you can stop paying your added expenses, like insurance, maintenance and storage costs. Third, you get the satisfaction and joy of making a difference in the life of someone you care about.

Nothing could be easier than to donate your RV to a charity of your choice in our simple 3-step process -- and getting that substantial tax deduction as a reward for your kindness. Even better, you get the great feeling that comes to knowing that you've used your recreational vehicle in the best possible way — to help others who can make the most of your donation dollars.

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