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Donate a car in Burbank, California to support your favorite charity. Vehicle donation is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to give to a cause -- not to mention receive a sweet tax deduction. Find out how we can increase the value of your old car, allow you donate to the charity of your choice and quickly provide you the paperwork you need for a nice tax write-off!

Why Should You Donate a Car?

If you don't need your car to purchase another car, you may be considering donating it to a charity in Burbank. But when does it make sense to do that?  

You Can't Be Bothered With Paperwork

First of all, donating a car is a lot less paperwork than selling a car. Sure, you may receive more cash from selling it or trading it in, but these options require more time, research and energy on your part. If you want to avoid hassles with the DMV, title exchanges or even if you can't find the car's title or registration, donating your car is the way to go. When you donate your car through Cars2Charities, we take care of all the leg work and make sure everyone has the right paperwork needed -- including the tax paperwork you need for the IRS. 

Your Car Needs Some Love … or Is Not Worth MuchCar smoking hood open

You may be better off letting us fix it up for you. If you have a used car that is not worth much, donating the vehicle may be a no-brainer.  Because we pour love into our used car donations, Cars2Charities can actually increase the value of your car by 25%-50%. That way, we give more to the charity AND more to you - since you can deduct the full value of what your vehicle actually sells for, on your tax return. So the more we are able to sell it for, the better off you and your charity of choice both are!

You Need the Vehicle off Your property: NOW


Your neighbors do not appreciate the unused boat, motorcycle, golf cart, RV or scrap metal art that has been sitting on your property.  Maybe your vehicle does not work or maybe you just don't use it anymore. In other words, it's just taking up space, and you want your garage or driveway back. Cars2Charities will come to you and pick it up for free.  

The Quoted Trade-in Value You Got is an Insult

Especially if you are in a high tax bracket, it may make more financial sense to donate your car rather than trade it in. Used car companies or car lots typically take a big profit on your trade-in car, giving you just 35-40% of the value they expect to ultimately re-sell it for.  So, if you had a car that we could improve and sell for $3,000, you may get as low as $1,200 for it "as is" at a car lot.  When you donate your car to charity, not only are you helping a worthy cause, but you may be eligible for the same or even a higher amount on your tax deduction — quite likely saving you more money in the long run.

You Want to Give Back (No Shame in Being NICE!)

 Maybe you just want to give back to a charity that has meaning to you. That's great! We make it easy to set up. Even if you are not sure which charity to choose, you can find a great cause from our list of charities.  Don't see the one you want? No problem! We allow you to quickly add your own charity in step 3 of the online car donation form. As long as they meet the IRS rules, we will make it quick and easy for them to get a donation.

Why Donate Your Car or Vehicle through Cars2Charities?


Cars2Charities Tow TruckThere are a lot of car donation services out there, but sorting out the ones that truly add value can be daunting. Cars2Charities is different from any other vehicle donation program in Burbank or the Los Angeles/Southern California area. We have a unique operating model that allows for optimum flexibility, cash value for your charity, and transparency. We take pride in our integrity, commitment, and service excellence.  Did you, for example, that most vehicle donation services send your donated car to auction -- resulting in a lower sales price? Cars2Charities is very different:  about 90% of our vehicles are sold to retail buyers on behalf of your charity, who are grateful for a reliable vehicle of the kind you donate, and which we improve. Our technicians fix your car up and sell it for retail value, eliminating the middle-man.  Charities get more money and you get the best tax deduction on your donated car! Here are some other things that make Cars2Charities different from many other vehicle donation program.

What are donors saying?

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Cars2Charities is a Car Industry Expert

Cars2Charities knows about cars and vehicles. With a thorough 16-point checklist, we know how to improve your car's performance and its appearance in order to get the best cash value. We typically add about 25%-50% value to the sale-price of your donated vehicle. The added value we offer is a double-win situation for both the charity and your tax deduction. We have over 35 years of experience in the car industry and we have processed over 9,000 vehicles.

Cars2Charities Allows You to Add a Charity or Fundraiser

Cars2Charities gives you your choice of official IRS designated 501 (c)(3) charities. Many donors choose to support public radio or the arts, rescue animals with ARRP, or help the Cancer Fund. Others like the idea of giving to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. However, unlike some vehicle donation service providers, we allow you to give to ANY charity you want. You can even add a private fundraiser as a cause, such as a foundation raising money for a child with a rare disease, or for a family that's been struck by life's unexpected turns.

As long as it meets the IRS rules, we will make sure your cause gets the cash from your donated vehicle (after the cost of the towing that is free to you, a reimbursement of expenses to improve your vehicle, and our industry-standard fee for handling all the work on behalf of the charity).

What Kind of Vehicle Can You Donate?ATV2


We gladly accept almost any kind of car or recreational vehicle donation in Burbank. Most people donate a car, truck or SUV. However, many people donate recreational vehicles such as an RV, motorcycle, trailer, boat, golf cart or jet-ski. We can create value from just about anything, whether it is currently running, or if it has not run in years.  Check out some of what people are saying about us, and how amazed and pleased they've been with our results, here. For example, recently one donor, Cindy B. and her family were vacationing in Southern California.  Their car 2005 Chevy Equinox broke down in Van Nuys, and the mechanic quoted them a price of $4,000 to fix it. Greg and Cindy decided this was a sign - it was time to donate the car.  They called us, and we towed the vehicle to our location. Meanwhile, they rented a car to continue their family vacation, and to drive home to Livermore. The “as is" value of the vehicle when it arrived was $2,600. We sold it for $5,000 (and they did not have to pay a penny out of pocket for repairs).  The charity they chose (STAND!) got a great check for almost $3,000. Cindy and Greg avoided paying for the mechanical repairs, and got a deduction for $5,000 in 2015.  How's that for a win-win?!

Cars2Charities accepts just about any vehicle donations. From commercial buses, vans and taxis to privately owned golf carts. 

How to Donate a Car in Burbank 

It couldn't be easier to donate your vehicle. You can call us at 855-520-2100 or fill out our online form. It takes less than five minutes for one of our vehicle experts to quickly gather some key facts about your vehicle location, and your charity choice.

Our vehicle coordinators will arrange for free towing to our processing center.  That's right. Once the towing driver arrives, you will receive papers that release you of any financial responsibility -- even if something goes wrong with the car. That also serves as your temporary donation receipt until we send you the final documents.

american 1239040 640We Sell Your Car -- After Giving it a Value-Enhancing Makeover. 

Our car technicians make appropriate improvements to make your car more attractive to buyers. We ensure that the buyer gets a great car, your charity gets the most cash and you get the best tax deduction possible.

We Keep in Touch!

 We keep you posted on the sale of your donated car. Within 30 days after the sale, we will send you your IRS Form 1098-C. The non-profit charity that you chose gets the same form to ensure 100% transparency on the vehicle sale price.  Donating your car to a charity in Burbank can be a rewarding feeling and a win/win proposition for both you, the buyer and the charity. With 35 years' experience in the automotive industry, Cars2Charities has been making a mark with its reputation among charities, donors and buyers.  We're ready when you are. 

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