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Car donation in Brea, California

Are you new to the carpool, so you need to replace your Lexus with a Land Cruiser? Or did you recently retire, so all you need is something small to get to church and back?

If you’re a commuter, your car is more important than ever. All the time you log in, sitting in traffic listening to talk radio makes it important your car’s in tip top condition so you don’t break down on the 57!

Did you know that replacing your car can make you a hero? Donate a car in Brea and you meet the needs of someone less fortunate, plus your car becomes wheels for someone who needs to get to work.

Why should I donate my car in Brea instead of selling it?

california 210913 640What’s making you consider new wheels? Is it the funny noises your car is making or that your needs are changing?

Maybe it’s one of the latest features that you know would make your life easier:
Keyless entry
Center airbags
4-G WiFi hotspot
Run-off road

You’re probably ready for some of those features that make your life easier, so no more fumbling for keys and craning your neck to look behind you when you put it in reverse. That’s what these newest bells and whistles do for you!

Now imagine you can get all of those new car perks, but with another great thing—a cause you care about gets money to expand its programming. A vehicle donation in Brea through Cars2Charities does just that!

Is Brea Baptist your home church? Or do you belong to a temple? We can send the check to any non-profit spiritual center. Are you an animal rights advocate? Or do you want to fight human trafficking? The possibilities are endless!suv 3397149 640

But remember, a dealer trade-in won’t get you that good feeling that comes from benefiting a charity. If you’re leaning toward a trade-in or a deal through CarMax, kiss about 60-70% of your car’s actual value goodbye. The Marshall School of Business conducted a study by USC students showing that dealers hike the price of the car you’re buying, because they automatically assume you’re not concerned with the cost! mitigationAnd if you need a couple of other good reasons to make a car, truck or SUV donation in Brea, what about going green? Car donations in Brea enable others to buy secondhand vehicles rather than putting additional wheels on the road. Most Americans buy a new car every eight years, and a well-made vehicle usually lasts close to 15, so your secondhand vehicle ends up in the capable hands of someone who can use it while you’ve moved on. How green is that?!

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How can I donate a car in Brea?

If you’ve got 5 minutes you can donate a vehicle! With just a phone call to us at 855-520-2100 or an online donation, we turn your car into cash for a cause. That means you can spend time with your family at Carbon Canyon Regional Park or meet friends at Bruno’s.

We pick up your vehicle, wherever and whenever is convenient for you. Then we bring your car to our experts, assessing it for necessary repairs or upgrades and find a buyer who then has new transportation to get to work. After you hand over the keys, you’ve finished playing your selfless part in the car charity process.

And speaking of the process, you aren't limited to dropping off your car at a designated location like some car charity programs require. You also don’t have to deal with the pain of selling it on social media platforms. You don’t have to know anything about selling a car, because we take care of the whole thing for you. What a relief, huh?

How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Brea?

Piggy BankUnless you’re lucky enough to work for Brea-Olinda School District or do research for Beckman Coulter lab, you probably rack up a lot of miles in a year. Well, you want to rack up tax savings as well!

We have good news. At Cars2Charities, we adjust necessary details on the car, whether cosmetic or otherwise, which tends to raise the car’s value by about 25-50%! Of course, this bumps your tax deduction and offers more to the charity you choose.

A car charity donation in Brea through Cars2Charities is something you can do now—instead of waiting until you’re sitting in front of Turbo Tax

We follow every IRS guideline and rule when you donate your car. When we sell it, we report the exact sale price to you and your charity, so the transaction is transparent. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.

Do you want the opinion of a CPA? Check out what a prominent Orange County firm says about car donations.

Can I make an RV donation in Brea? A golf cart or a boat?

Do you love camping, but your old Coleman is barely alive? If you’re thinking about moving up to a Class A, you can make a recreational vehicle donation in Brea to be sure you’re maximizing its value!

Do you have a storage unit busting at the seams and thinning out your wallet? We can process a boat donation in Brea or any other toys you’ve got.

Do your friends at your motorcycle meetup have nicer Harleys? Let yours get a second life with a new owner while you move up to hog heaven while benefiting others through a motorcycle donation in Brea.Okay, the marina’s kind of far away, so you don’t take your boat out much. Do you want to keep paying those slip fees? Donate a boat in Brea through Cars2Charities and take care of it!motorhome 820593 640

When was the last time you experienced some world-class golfing? If you have your own cart and it’s another vehicle just sitting collecting dust, make a golf cart donation in Brea. 

You have better things to do than worry about that car collection. Give us a call and let your car donation in Brea get them out of your hair. If your garage is too full—clear it out and reap the benefits: a tax write-off and the great feeling that comes from helping a struggling non-profit group!

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