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YWCA GLA Urban Campus Development Car Donation Program

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Car donation to YWCA Greater Los Angeles

Boldly carrying the tagline “eliminating racism/empowering women,” the YWCA is as active and relevant as ever. The non-profit group, located in downtown L.A., aims to promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

Everyone agrees—people in our most urban areas need a safe space—to live, work, and enjoy their relationships. Did you know that you can have a hand in making that happen?!
If you’ve been daydreaming about picking up a newer Nissan, or dumping your Hyundai for a hybrid, you can donate a car to YWCA Greater Los Angeles and, in the process, support their amazing programs.ywca-gla-car-donations1

Why donate your car to YWCA GLA?

It’s been over 100 years since the YWCA opened in L.A., providing housing and support services here in our city, as well as all over the world. YWCA Greater Los Angeles is pioneering a model of community centers and housing to transform lives, build self-reliance and strengthen communities.

Have you seen firsthand the challenges women face in urban living? Or have you at least heard about the quest for equal pay, help with childcare, and programs for youth and senior citizens? Advocacy from the YWCA has empowered young girls and women to develop more positive, healthier behaviors by providing alternatives to gang membership and strengthening the family unit.
You’ve probably heard of the Los Angeles Job Corps. That’s operated by YWCA GLA. It is in the top 20% of centers in the nation, creating future employees who are focused professionals.
You may not want to go into the city to help, but a simple vehicle donation to YWCA GLA helps supply leaders to inspire individuals to positive change. It really is that simple!

Why donate my car to YWCA Greater Los Angeles instead of selling it?

Is your car making weird noises? Or is it seeing wayyyy too much of your auto mechanic? Perhaps you need updated sound in your car for work calls, or it’s time to downsize after years of carpooling.ywca-gla-car-donation-1

You already see the advantage to urban females with an auto donation to YWCA GLA, but you may not know the down sides to a dealer trade-in or using CarMax. Most of all, you’re losing A LOT of value. That’s right—studies show that dealers only offer you about 30-40% of your vehicle’s actual value!

But a car, truck or SUV donation to YWCA Greater Los Angeles is based on 100% of the sale price of your car! Everybody wins, because the non-profit gets donation money, you get a tax benefit, and someone with a modest amount of resources gets to buy your old car, which enables her to get to work!

There’s one more thing—at Cars2Charities we make sure your donation is substantial, because we tend to sell your donation car for a higher price based on our unique process.

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How does a YWCA GLA car donation work?

Because our system is simple, fast and free, it’s a streamlined method to add some much-needed resources to the YWCA. You simply pick up the phone and call us at 855-520-2100 or go to Cars2Charities.org to donate online.

Next, we come to wherever your car is located. Did it conk out on you at Dodger Stadium, so you had it towed to VM Auto Repair or another auto shop? No problem! We arrange a time with you, whenever it’s convenient, and our towing experts pick up auto donations at no charge. Then our technicians give it a once-over to assess it for any necessary improvements. Because of those changes, we typically get 25-50% more for your car, which benefits you, tax-wise, and pumps more money into the life-giving work of the YWCA!ywca-gla-car-donation-3

Has your CPA been bugging you to find more write-offs? You’re in luck! A charity car donation to YWCA Greater Los Angeles will take care of one of those without those last minute decisions when you’re filing your taxes.

At Cars2Charities we handle all the paperwork for you. We report the exact sale price to you and the charity, following IRS guidelines. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the charity car donation tax deduction for the total.

And don’t forget there’s a third recipient benefiting from your decision. We’ve made thousands of car buyers happy—people who need a working vehicle, but don’t have the means to buy something brand new!

Can I donate a boat to YWCA Greater Los Angeles? What about a motorcycle?

Are you a member of the Southern California Confederation of Clubs? If the couples you ride with are all buying new bikes, maybe it’s your turn too! If so, don’t trade in your old bike. Donate a motorcycle to YWCA GLA so you can free up your time to do some shopping!

Are you a water skier? Or love fishing? If you find you’re not getting the boat out on the water much anymore, you can make a boat donation to YWCA Greater Los Angeles to cash in on the tax break and put the boat to some good use.

We can also pick up jet skis you no longer use, and ATVs or other land recreational vehicles. Are you an “ex-glamper”? You can donate an RV to YWCA GLA through Cars2Charities too!ywca-gla-car-donation-4

Are you in a gated community where you can ride golf carts to and from the neighbor’s? If your batteries died, you won’t believe how expensive they are to replace! It may be cheaper to let someone else drive it. We can handle your golf cart donation to YWCA Greater Los Angeles — whether it runs or not.

Whatever vehicle you have in your storage unit, garage, or just on your property, it can boost the resources urban women desperately need. A car donation to YWCA Greater L.A. will improve the economic opportunity for families, plus land you a nice tax break!

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