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Car Donation to Shanti Orange County

We all have times in our lives when we need a shoulder to cry on and the support of others to get through a painful situation. It’s especially the case when we, or someone we love, is battling a chronic illness. That’s when we need someone to come alongside us, to support and inform, and to show true caring.shanti 1

Do you want to be part of the healing process for those battling such life struggles as HIV, gender or mental health issues? When you donate a car to people in need through Shanti Orange County it taps into your ability to generously assist someone toughing it out from the reality of chronic illness.

The services this non-profit provides can—literally—save someone’s life today. That’s what Shanti is doing for thousands of individuals every year. In fact, they have been providing that kind of solid assistance for 30 years.

Why donate your car to Shanti Orange County?

Meaning “inner peace” in Sanskrit, Shanti is patterned after a model of volunteerism that began in San Francisco in 1974, offering victims of life-threatening illnesses the assistance and emotional support they need.

Caring professionals offer mental health counseling, addiction and recovery services, support groups and educational workshops for individuals with HIV/AIDS, chronic illnesses, gender and mental health challenges. And at Shanti, 89 percent of the annual budget goes straight to programs!

Your car, truck or SUV donation in orange county to Shanti Orange County through Cars2Charities gives strength to the weak and hope to the hopeless.

Imagine the power of joining forces, enabling something you no longer need—a vehicle—to pack a powerful punch against the depression and anxiety someone is facing when they receive a diagnosis like AIDS.

Assisting more than 1,200 men, women and families in Orange County who are affected by the challenge of HIV, Shanti volunteers provide meals, transportation, therapy, support groups and other services.

You don’t have to physically do something you feel unqualified for, or give up time you don’t have to offer comfort to others. By donating a car to suffering families through Shanti Orange County you’re empowering professionals who have the expertise and training—even the calling—to make strides in the field of mental health. If it was your brother, sister, spouse or child, wouldn’t you want them to have those resources?shanti 2

Why donate my car vs. sell it?

Does it sometimes feel like you’re in a meetup with your auto mechanic?! If you’re getting tired of aging parts on your car, lights flickering, scratches in the paint, you’ve got an opportunity here. You can add to your own comfort while boosting the comfort of others with a car or truck donation to help others through Shanti Orange County.
You already know all the good you can do for patients and victims of addiction, but what are some of the other advantages of a car charity donation to Shanti Orange County through Cars2Charities?

First of all, you’re pulling out the full value of your car with a donation, which you don’t with a dealer trade-in or CarMax. Did you know you lose about 65-70% of your car’s value when you trade it in?

A group of researchers at USC found that dealers make assumptions when buyers bring in a car they intend to swap for something new. They automatically assumption that “money’s no object” and hike up the price of your new car!

Is your family growing by leaps and bounds? If that’s the case, it’s unlikely you’ll all fit in your Mustang or Lexus sedan anymore. Cars2Charities is standing by in the event you decide it’s worth retiring the sports car for an SUV.

Or if the guilt is getting to you, so you just have to take the plunge and go for a hybrid, let us know if we can help. Our car donation program to help people through Shanti Orange County allows you to write off a full 100% of your car’s worth. Like Charity Navigator’s website says, your charitable contribution to a qualified non-profit group offers you the benefit of the property’s fair market value. 

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What happens when I make a charity car donation to someone in need through Shanti Orange County?

Has it been awhile since you’ve replaced your car? Are you dreading the whole process of cleaning it out, taking pictures, researching its value, pricing it, posting it and then waiting for a response?Shanti 3

All of that’s history! With an auto donation to Shanti Orange County through Cars2Charities, everything’s handled for you! Simply make a quick call to us at 855-520-2100 or donate online.

We arrange a time with you that’s convenient, and ask you for a location, whether that’s the auto shop or your own driveway. Even when you know you want proceeds to support Shanti, you may still feel overwhelmed. We can take it from there! First of all, we assess your vehicle to see if any modifications will result in a higher sale price. We’ve found that donation cars typically sell for 25-50% more than they would without the improvements we make.

Car donations to help someone through Shanti Orange County include our efforts from A to Z. After we sell your car, the non-profit gets a check and you receive the paperwork confirming your tax write-off. According to IRS guidelines, we hand you, the IRS and your charity group the finished paperwork, including IRS Form 1098-C.

You don’t have to lift a finger, deal with the DMV or process the title transfer to receive your car donation best tax deduction for Shanti Orange County.

Then it’s time for you to go car shopping – guilt free, knowing you’re being a good steward with your resources.

Can I donate an RV or make a motorcycle donation in Orange County to Shanti Orange County?shanti 4

Yes! Through us at Cars2Charities you can make virtually any kind of recreational vehicle donation to people with illness through Shanti Orange County. We accept trailers, fifth wheels, campers—you name it!

Are you wasting money on a storage unit filled with things you don’t need? Old Christmas decorations, grandma’s furniture and vehicles? We can help you with the latter—from smaller toys such as ATVs to an Airstream or other RV donation to Shanti Orange County.

What about jet skis or Sea Doos? If you don’t get out on the water anymore, we can pick those up, or you can donate a boat in Orange County to Shanti Orange County and see the value go to the comfort of those who are hurting.

Are you in a 55+ community where everyone has an EZ-Go? Or if you’re a scratch golfer (or a duffer) and you want a 4-seater Yamaha, you can be an agent of healing with a golf cart donation to help someone through Shanti Orange County. 

Do you spend weekends hitting the highway with your motorcycle club? If you like to keep up with your friends—in every way—you may want to upgrade from your first bike to the newest Husqvarna! Don’t forget to donate a motorcycle to help others through Shanti Orange County to show off your generosity too!

You want your life to count, and making a car donation to Shanti Orange County is a great way to do it. There are individuals with big needs, and the vehicle you no longer need can provide life-giving support to people in pain. It’s nice to know you can contribute to that and gain a badly needed tax credit at the same time.

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