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Rwandan Orphans Project Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to Rwanda Orphans Project

Children without parents need care...and you can provide for that need when you donate a car to Rwanda Orphans Project.

rwanda1Between severe losses from the AIDS epidemic and the genocide of more than 800,000 people in Rwanda, there are many children who have been orphaned. Their needs are beyond compare – there are emotional and social needs, as well as physical care, including food, clothing and education. Giving them a chance at a more peaceful childhood is what Rwanda Orphans Project has been providing since 1992.

Why should I donate my car to Rwanda Orphans Project?

These children need you. They have little-to-no resources and are innocent victims in a desperate place. Imagine being able to comfort a little one, or a teen, who no longer has the guidance and love of a parent.

When you donate a vehicle to the Rwanda Orphans Project through Cars2Charities, money goes directly to pay for such needs as medical care, school and clothing for these orphans in Africa. And it doesn’t come without personal support. The nonprofit has professionally trained social workers who instruct the extended families of these children how to care for them properly.

We’ve all heard the horrors of institutional care – orphanages – particularly those in Romania, and even in the history of the United States. The superior system carried out by this nonprofit group keeps the kids in their own communities and enables them to have the personal touch of their own relatives and neighborhoods instead of living in the often cold and crowded institutions.

A charity car donation to Rwanda Orphans Project is an investment in the futures of orphaned kids in the 5 poorest parts of Kigali. They not only give them immediate assistance, the charity program has a “Skills Training Centre” to lay the groundwork for a useful profession for each of the young people later on.rwanda5

Our issues are “first world” problems – we are a privileged country and we never want to take for granted what we have. When you have a car that needs replacing, it can be a vessel of comfort for those who are so much needier than ourselves.

With your car, truck or SUV donation to the Rwanda Orphans Project, you gain an easy solution to the job of rehoming your car, while others get a home of a much more personal nature.

How do you donate your car to the Rwanda Orphans Project?

If you’ve been driving a car that’s acting up, or your commute is pretty far and you’re racking up too many miles, you may find yourself visiting car lots or surfing AutoTrader. If that’s the case, we can walk you through a car charity donation to Rwanda Orphans Project and you can, at the same time, benefit kids in the heart of Africa.

Just call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online and one of our associates will take care of the details, first by lining up a convenient time for us to pick up your donation car. Whether it’s stuck at the mechanic or at your sister’s house, we send a towing professional and you’re well on your way.

It’s incredibly easy – we get the vehicle ready for sale and go through the steps to find a buyer, while even finishing the paperwork for you!

So, you see, it’s really as easy as doing a dealer trade-in, and oh so much better in terms of value. Trade-ins, like CarMax and others, only garner you about 60-70% of your vehicle’s worth. In addition to the dealer keeping your car and offering you a savings of about 30% of its value, you may get hit with a higher quote on your new car! That’s what researchers at USC found – they tend to raise the price of the car they’re selling you if you’re a trade-in buyer.

rwanda1You like to be wise with your money, but there are probably other factors, as well. If you have kids, you know your transportation has to be reliable, not to mention large enough for the car pool. If you drive a Mini-Cooper and just found out you’re pregnant, you may have to make some changes!

If that’s the case, an auto donation to Rwanda Orphans Project through Cars2Charities benefits kids on both sides of the world.

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Do you get a car donation tax deduction when donating a car to Rwanda Orphans Project?

Yes, you can donate a vehicle to any non-profit, and Rwanda Orphans Project receives the finances through the George Muller Trust in Bristol, England, which is a 501(c)(3). That means you get a tax write-off when you make a car or truck donation to Rwanda Orphans Project.

And in addition to supporting the great programs bringing a second chance to African kids, rwanda3there are advantages to making your donation through Cars2Charities. We have a unique process whereby we do more than just haul away your car. We bring it to our own technicians, who completely assess the donation vehicle. When we make necessary changes to donation cars, our research shows they typically sell for 25-50% more!

And since your tax break is based on the final sale price of the car, that means your write-off is maximized.

Your accountant will know the rules for applying a car donation to charity, but you can also see opinions from a Southern California CPA firm.

And in more good news, we are an honest, family-owned company offering full transparency throughout the process. We adhere to all of the IRS guidelines for car charity donation and send both you and Rwanda Orphans Project Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, as instructed.

Can I donate a motorcycle to Rwanda Orphans Project? What about an RV or Boat?

Whether you prefer a Harley or a Yamaha, we’re happy to process your motorcycle donation to Rwanda Orphans Project. If you love to see the countryside on your bike, it may be getting up there, in terms of miles. You’ll love the day you plunk down cash for a new Kawasaki Z650 knowing you’re also making some kids in Africa extremely happy.

If you like the kind of camping where you take your sink, shower and stove with you, then you must have an RV! Are you renting property or a storage unit where it lives 9/10 of the year? That’s the not-so-great part. If you want to clean everything out (plus save some money) let us know and we can pick up your RV donation to Rwanda Orphans Project.

Retirement can be pretty great, especially if you live in one of those communities where you drive your Club Car around the neighborhood. Have you experienced rwanda4


the dead battery equation yet? They have about six of them and they’re very expensive to replace! Imagine the good you can do with a golf cart donation to Rwanda Orphans Project.

Water skier or fisherman? Houseboat, speedboat or yacht? Millions of people enjoy boating and a lot of those individuals will either upgrade or get rid of their watercraft this year. If you’re in one of those categories, consider a boat donation to Rwanda Orphans Project. We also accept wave runners, cabin cruisers, air boats and others.

You don’t have to tell Americans just how good we have it here and the desperate needs in faraway lands. As you know, the kids in Africa are in some of the worst situations imaginable. It’s hard to know how to respond to that, but it’s a bonus when opportunity falls in your lap. A car donation to Rwanda Orphans Project provides the means for you to contribute to fellow humans who need it, while benefiting your bottom line. It’s pretty hard to resist – just let us know and we’re happy to help you.

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