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Car Donation to Promise Child

When you donate a car to Promise Child you provide children on the other side of the globe a chance to meet Jesus while also getting their basic needs fulfilled. The eternal hope that comes with the Gospel message is a lasting one – extending IBfsuhO5beyond this life to our lives in heaven.

But Promise Child leaders know that it’s hard for the message of a saving relationship with Jesus to sink in when the listener is hungry or sick. That’s where this expansive nonprofit ministry comes in.

Why should I donate my car to Promise Child?

In countries as far away as Uganda and Kathmandu, Promise Child reaches out to save kids who are suffering the loss of parents, going hungry or becoming victims of sex trafficking. There are so many needs and few resources, which is why car donations to Promise Child are important.

The 2015 earthquake in Nepal meant that many kids would become orphaned. They were living in dire circumstances and many of the girls became victimized by sex traffickers. Promise Child opened the Kathmandu Girls Home, an orphanage to save them from these conditions and provide full-time care.

There’s both a general orphanage fund and the opportunity to support these individual girls who are residents of the home.

Boys and girls among the Chepang people suffered much the same, which is why Promise Child opened the Hetauda Children’s Home in Nepal. They are, in fact, the most marginalized and impoverished people group in Asia. Many of them are orphans also, and they need individual sponsors.

Believing that the Spirit of God is leading the way, Promise Child staff members point to Scripture for direction. The book of Acts says, “For the promise is for you and your children, and for all who are far off, as many as the Lord our God will call to Himself.”

And one of the most basic commands comes from Isaiah 1:17 which says, “Learn to do good; seek justice, reprove the ruthless; defend the orphan, plead for the widow.”

Their needs are beyond compare, and it’s nice to know that a car you no longer need can provide kids with hope when you make a car charity donation to Promise Child through Cars2Charities.

These children are innocent victims in a desperate place, and they need you.

How do you donate your car to Promise Child?

If you’ve got a car that’s unreliable, or you have a hefty commute and you’re racking up too many miles, you may find yourself visiting your favorite dealer or looking at options on AutoTrader. If that’s the case, we can process a car charity donation to Promise Child – while you get an upgraded vehicle you can also benefit kids with unimaginable needs.

Just call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online and our associates will schedule a pickup with you, at a time and place that’s convenient for you. Your donation car may be at the auto shop or at your sister’s house – either way – we send a towing professional and you’re on your way.

It’s easy for you – we take care of getting the vehicle ready for sale and we go through the steps to find a buyer – even finish the paperwork for you!

If you’re accustomed to a dealer trade-in, going this route is a better value for you. With trade-ins, like CarMax and others, you only get about 60-70% of your vehicle’s worth. And believe it or not, research out of USC’s business school found that dealers typically give you a higher quote on your new car when they knowYDsNxBKT you have a trade-in!

An auto donation to Promise Child through Cars2Charities benefits kids on the other side of the world while it also makes your world a lot easier.

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Do you get a car donation tax deduction when donating a car to Promise Child?

You like to be above reproach when it comes to finances, and you want to be wise 66NbkFgNwith what God’s given you. That’s a great quality!

You can donate a vehicle to any non-profit, and because of this worthy nonprofit’s 501(c)(3) status, you get a tax write-off when you make a car or truck donation to Promise Child.

And there are additional advantages to making your donation through Cars2Charities. We have a unique process whereby we do more than just haul away your car. Our skilled technicians also assess donation vehicles, which sometimes call for alterations. Our research shows that these vehicles typically sell for 25-50% more than cars without the changes.

Since your tax break is based on the final sale price of the car, that means your write-off is maximized by our process.

You may consult your accountant, or you may want to see opinions from a Southern California CPA firm.

We are an honest, family-owned company offering full transparency, and adhering to all of the IRS guidelines for car charity donations. We send both you and Promise Child Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, as instructed.


Can I donate a motorcycle to Promise Child? What about an RV or Boat?

If you followed James Dobson’s lead and bought yourself a hog after retirement, you may have caught the bug for feeling the wind in your hair on roads and highways. Harley or Yamaha – when you’re looking for a new bike, we’re happy to process your motorcycle donation to Promise Child. And you’ll love the knowledge that plunking down cash for a new Kawasaki Z650 means you’re providing food, clothing and care for kids in Asian and African countries.

If you like the kind of camping where you take every amenity you get in a hotel (it’s called glamping), you may want a newer model. Or maybe it’s the opposite – you’re renting property or a storage unit and your camper or fifth wheel sits dormant 11 months of the year, which means those days are behind you. You can hand the whole transaction to God with an RV donation to Promise Child.

Retirement can be great! But if you’re privileged enough to move comfortably onto a golf course or 55+ community, you may have something in your possession that can benefit these innocent children. You can donate a golf cart to Promise Child through Cars2Charities and make sure more of them have the care they need.

You don’t have to be retired to love a day on the water. If you’re a houseboat, speedboat or yacht owner, there will come a day when you need to turn it in. We can help! We can pick up your boat donation to Promise Child or even jet skis, Sea-Doos, wave runners, cabin cruisers and others.

We all know how good we have it here and our amazing advantages come with at9bX9ya3 responsibility to “care for widows and orphans.” There are desperate needs for safety and survival in Nepal, Uganda and elsewhere, and heroes are working to provide a new family for these kids in need. Your car donation to Promise Child continues that mission to share the love of Christ with all nations.

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