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Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Car Donation Program

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give mother daughter heartThere’s not much more that can strike fear in an individual than to hear they have cancer. And perhaps one of the most mysterious, and scariest, is pancreatic cancer.

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has a campaign that’s “waging hope” for victims of this difficult disease. Volunteers push to advance research and support patients. The goal? To double the pancreatic cancer survival rate by the year 2020.

Do you want to join the fight supporting the more than 50,000 Americans who will face pancreatic cancer this year?

You can do it very easily – with a car donation to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Why donate your car to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network?

Among the organization’s patient and caregiver services is what they call “One-to-One Support,” where associates are standing by to answer questions or lend an ear. According to the non-profit, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network shares resources and speaks with more victims of the disease than any other organization in the world!

This group’s services are free, which is why it’s a real boon when they can benefit from someone’s generosity. When you decide to upgrade the car you drive, you can be a part of that!

This group’s movement has awarded tens of millions of dollars for research grants to hundreds of scientists across the United States. Add to that the advocacy efforts that have garnered more than $100 million of federal money directed to fighting the disease. President Obama even signed the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act, which requires the National Cancer Institute to develop a strategic plan to fight pancreatic cancer.

Family togetherSo, how do you do it?

When you donate a vehicle to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, you’re joining forces with these tireless individuals, working to improve the odds for patients from the current prognosis, which is a 20% chance of surviving for one year.

By comparison, donating a vehicle doesn’t seem that hard. And actually, we’re here to tell you it isn’t.

Why donate my car vs. sell it?

The first phase we go through when we’re considering a change of vehicle is to look at the pros and cons.

Is it breaking down a lot? Or is it too small for your current family size? If you’re a commuter, it may have a lot of miles or maybe you want updated features, such as the GPS and the sound system.

Whether you’re retiring the “mom car” or getting an F-250 to haul your RV, you’re stuck with the decision about what to do with the car you no longer need.

pexels photo 697243Are you planning to just do a trade-in, or sell it through CarMax? Did you know that as convenient as those options are, you’re losing a lot of your car’s value? You’re only getting about 35-40% of what your car’s worth when you go with one of those two methods!

There’s a better idea – and just as easy. With a car donation program to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network you can write off 100% of the sale price of your vehicle. Charity Navigator’s website says your charitable contribution to a qualified non-profit group offers you the benefit of the property’s fair market value.

Donating a car to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network enables you to boost your budget and contribute to an important cause, and at the same time, make your accountant proud by coming up with a nice tax break.

Yes, you can pocket some cash with a sale on AutoTrader or Craigslist, but an auto donation is a lot less work than that!! Think about it – detailing your car, getting good photos and then posting. And don’t forget about waiting for flaky buyers!

Just remember the added benefits to you and someone who needs funding. You’ve got a tax write-off while you wage hope for individuals with a nearly incurable form of cancer.

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What happens when I make a charity car donation to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network?

It all starts when you call us or donate online. The call only takes 3-5 minutes, where we get the basic details – where the car is and contact information.

Even if your donation vehicle is in the auto shop or it stopped working somewhere, we come within 24-48 hours in most cases. Once we tow it away, our industry experts assess the car for necessary upgrades or repairs. The goal is to sell it for as high a price as possible. That maximizes your tax benefit and also puts more cash in the hands of the charity. Our clients’ donation cars typically sell for 25-50% more than they would without the improvements we make to them.

Like other car donations to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, your gift furthers important research and services.

They get proceeds from the sale of your car, and you get a tax write-off. After the sale, we give you, the IRS and the non-profit the finished paperwork (IRS Form 1098) from your vehicle donation to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. 

When it comes to your car donation tax deduction for Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, we take care of the paperwork – the title transfer, the DMV paperwork and everything else.

Can I donate an RV or make a motorcycle donation to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network?

Yes, you can! At Cars2Charities you have the opportunity to make a difference with whatever you have – a car, truck, or recreational vehicle donation to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. We accept and pick up all kinds, from fifth wheels to campers.

If you’ve got any “toys” taking up space in your garage, or if you’re cleaning out a storage unit, now’s a good time to give us a call. We even pick up such vehicles as quads/ATVS and jet skis.

Long white pier and oceanDo you have a boat donation for Pancreatic Cancer Action Network? We’re happy to come pick it up.

Are you a golf course resident, but don’t really use your cart? A golf cart donation to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network can powerfully add to the numbers of medical resources a patient gets. Are you a biker who hasn’t pulled the Harley out for awhile? If you donate a motorcycle to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network we handle it the same way as we do any other auto donations.

When you donate a car to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network you can help this important charity gain some ground with Congress. It may also finance more folks taking part in the PurpleStride walks/runs raising money for research.

Give us a call if you’d like to keep pancreatic cancer survival more of a reality than the roll of the dice. It’s a way you can be a part of improving the odds.

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