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Did you know that you can make a real difference in the lives of people in your community, state and nation? When you choose to donate a car to Goodwill through Cars2Charities, you have the ability to help others enjoy a better life. You also gain some great benefits, like a valuable tax deduction.

Why Donate to Goodwill? 

RV Car DonationGoodwill’s mission is to help those in the community who need assistance in finding employment, so they can begin building financial independence -- especially those with special needs or different abilities.   This worthy cause is supported throughout the United States in the form of donated food, clothing, vehicles and financial gifts.   Goodwill stores have become famous through the country as handy “thrift shops” where people can donate gently used clothing, dishes and other household items.  These items are often bought by bargain shoppers.  The money collected from the sale of donated items is used to benefit those who need help finding employment in the community. Goodwill focuses on helping people live better and more productive lives -- and it also provides a great way for those who may not have as great a financial need to still save money and improve their own quality of life by shopping at a Goodwill store.

How Do You Donate A Vehicle to Goodwill?

RV Car DonationIf you’re looking for a way to make your vehicle donation dollars go farther, consider donating a car to Goodwill.   A Goodwill car donation program through Cars2Charities can be the most cost-effective way to give financial support to a cause you may be passionate about, and that is helping your community -- while also clearing some space in your garage! 

You may be wondering how to donate a car to Goodwill.   When you choose to work with Cars2Charities, donating cars to Goodwill has never been easier. When you call (855)-520-2100, a friendly vehicle donation program coordinator will be glad to walk you through the donation process, as well as answer any questions you may have. It takes as little as 3-5 minutes.  

Once your Goodwill car donation has been processed, we send a licensed, experienced tow-truck driver to collect your vehicle.  We can come to you at your home, garage, business, or storage facility -- whatever is most convenient for you. 

RV Car Donation

We never charge towing fees, and storage after pickup is included even if your car is not running until we repair or disposition it. Once your vehicle arrives at our location, we inspect it and determine the best way to fix it or add value to get the maximum possible price in a private sale.  Unlike most other programs for Goodwill car donations, Cars2Charities is unique because we do not wholesale or auction donated vehicles. Instead, we take the time to clean and refurbish them to whatever level of investment will get the most money for Goodwill -- including touch-up paint or minor repairs.  

Our extensive network of buyers is quick at making good offers as we work to find the best buyer for any given type of vehicle.  We often net much more in sales through our private methods than most charitable organizations do through wholesale or auction partnerships. This way, by getting the best sale price, we maximize both the vehicle donation amount to your favorite non-profit group, as well as the amount you can take as a deduction on your taxes. 

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What Are Some Benefits of when you donate your car to Goodwill?

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When you donate a used vehicle like a car, motorcycle, truck, van, boat or RV to charity, you will immediately gain several benefits including:

 • Clearing space in your storage unit, garage or driveway. Perhaps for the first time in years, you might be able to stop thinking about an eyesore of a vehicle and enjoy your new-found space!

 • Save money by not paying insurance and storage costs. It is surprising how quickly insurance, storage and maintenance fees can accumulate. Start saving money today with a vehicle donation.

Rest assured that the net proceeds Cars2Charities gets by selling your vehicle goes directly to the charity you designate (minus towing, repairs and a standard fee that includes the full range of all our services, including handling storage, sale, DMV and IRS paperwork). We never combine your donation with other people's; your money always goes to the causes you designate, whether local, national or international.

Because Cars2Charities lets you choose the charity your donation will benefit, you gain several more advantages like:

• Having the option of donating to a local chapter, as well as a national or international group. We have a long list of worthy causes if you are unsure exactly where to donate.

• Having the option to have the donation benefit a local charity. If you prefer to benefit a local group such as a church, youth or school group, we can arrange to add them to our list. Once they are added, others can donate to them as well!

RV Car DonationIf you have a vehicle with a value of more than $5,000 and you are not sure you want to give quite that much to Goodwill, we can also provide you with the option to donate a certain amount to the charity of your choice and get a tax deduction for that, and you can receive a portion of the proceeds in cash.  For example:  You might want to donate $2,000 to Goodwill with that much tax deduction, and get $3,000 in cash -- while avoiding the hassle of selling the vehicle yourself.  We are often able to get a higher sale price than you could if you try to sell on your own, or that you would get from a dealer. 

When you work with Cars2Charities your donation will only go to benefit those causes for which you are truly passionate about and want to support. 

How does donating a car help my taxes? 

Cars2Charities is provides you with a donation receipt so that you can deduct the actual sales price of the donated vehicle from your taxes when you file. That's why it's so valuable to work with a car donation program that adds value to your car before it is sold.  This benefit can be a substantial bonus for many vehicle owners, saving them money during tax season.   If you want to take this type of deduction on your taxes, your tax advisor will know just what to do and can also answer any questions you may have.

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Donating cars to Goodwill through Cars2Charities gives you many benefits, aside from finding a solution for disposing of a vehicle you no longer want, and perhaps can't or don't want to sell on your own.  Your donation helps make it possible for charitable organizations around the world to continue helping people through good works, thanks to the type of generosity that makes America great.

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