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College Area Pregnancy Services Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to College Area Pregnancy Services

When you’re in crisis and unsure where to turn, the relief you feel is indescribable when someone is there to support you. An unwanted pregnancy is such a time.

Thankfully, College Area Pregnancy Services has been that lifesaver for women in San Diego since 2004. It is a clinic providing medical help and peer counseling to those facing unexpected pregnancies – all free and confidential.College Area Preg Svc 4

There is a growing need for women’s resources and you can help CAPS keep the pace with a car donation to College Area Pregnancy Services.

Why should I donate my car to College Area Pregnancy Services?

If your college days are far behind you now, it may be time to downsize what you’re driving. Do you ever think these kids have it right, the ones you see driving a Honda Fit, a MINI Cooper or a Smart Car? Before you head to Penske Ford or the Auto Mart on El Cajon to see what’s out there, think about making a vehicle donation to College Area Pregnancy Services.College Are Preg Svc 2

The car you no longer need can be transferred into a ray of hope and help – your vehicle’s value can do some good!

Of course, when you donate a vehicle to College Area Pregnancy Services you get a nice perk with the tax deduction, but at Cars2Charities we offer something more. You get to support a mission you’re passionate about – helping young women in crisis.

Have you done a dealer trade-in in the past? Or CarMax? Both are simple solutions, but did you know they’re getting 60-70% of your vehicle’s value? The USC Marshall School of Business completed a study showing evidence that dealers actually increase the sale price of their cars for customers who bring in a trade-in.

But with a car, truck or SUV donation to College Area Pregnancy Services you can write off 100% of the sale price! Think of the money going into the work of the amazing non-profit clinic.pexels photo 259363

How do I make a charity car donation to College Area Pregnancy Services?

Just call us at Cars2Charities at 888-250-4490 or donate online. We arrange a quick pick-up, coming to you at a time and location that’s most convenient. If your vehicle is at the auto repair shop, or if you need it picked up from your workplace – no problem!

We take the work out of your hands. There’s no cleaning, taking pictures or posting your vehicle to sell. All you do is hand over the keys and we get the ball rolling and take it to the hoop.

You can, literally, go on with your life – your family, volunteer work, or even hit the beach. At Cars2Charities we handle car donations to College Area Pregnancy Services, including the paperwork, even the title transfer with the DMV!

And there’s another benefit – our experts maximize the value of your donation car by assessing the condition of your car and making necessary upgrades and improvements. We then sell it and send a check to the non-profit, while you get the tax deduction.

It couldn’t be simpler!

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Do you get a car donation tax deduction when you donate your car to College Area Pregnancy Services?

If you’re someone who watches your bottom line closely – bravo! That’s what makes this situation even better. Because a car or truck donation to College Area Pregnancy Services enables you to write off the sale price of your vehicle, our process aims to maximize the value of your car.

We don’t just come and tow away your auto donation. The expert technicians at Cars2Charities assess your car for necessary alterations to bring its best self to market. Our own research shows we’re able to sell donation cars for approximately 25-50% more than those without the changes.College Area Preg Svc 1

And, in this day and age, you only want to work with someone truthful and transparent. That’s how one would describe our paperwork process. We follow IRS guidelines, which includes sending you and College Area Pregnancy Services IRS Form 1098 within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle, indicating the final sale price of your car.Can I donate a golf cart to College Area Pregnancy Services? A boat or RV?

Yes, of course you can! We pick up fifth wheels, trailers, almost everything from an Airstream to an Xplorer. And if you’re wasting money on a storage rental, it may be high time to unload some of those ATVs and jet skis. Let us know if you have an RV donation to College Area Pregnancy Services.

If you’re in the San Diego Iron Order Motorcycle Club you just may work in law enforcement. Whoever you like to ride with, tell your fellow enthusiasts you can make a motorcycle donation to College Area Pregnancy Services. You’ve always liked riding for a cause, haven’t you?

Do you like fishing or boating at Hodges? If you mostly fish from shore now because your boat requires too much labor when you take it out, give us a call at Cars2Charities. A boat donation to College Area Pregnancy Services contributes to the cause while helping you move along your watercraft.

Do you have other “toys,” such as golf carts? If you love the links, but don’t need to have your own Club Car, you can make a golf cart donation to College Area Pregnancy Services.College Area Preg Svc 5

If you’re cleaning up, downsizing, upsizing, or just want to help a tremendous cause, let us know. When you donate a car to College Area Pregnancy Services through Cars2Charities, everybody wins. You’re giving free, confidential emotional support to a woman with an unwanted pregnancy, while enabling the vehicle you don’t need to get someone to work. When you add to that the tax write-off you need, it’s really a no-brainer. And we’re ready to handle it for you – just give us a call!

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