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Do you have an unwanted vehicle taking up space or money? Is someone bugging you to get rid of that car? We can put it to great use – and help you get the maximum tax deduction: often more than you imagine!

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car donation charity cup easyWe’re called to help widows and orphans – but how? Charity Cup Children’s Services has a program that creates teams of people who go global with the message of Jesus Christ, using theatre, sports and other means to benefit the hearing-impaired, the poor, and many more individuals with needs.

Did you know you can be a part of this good work if you donate a car to Charity Cup Children’s Services?

Why donate your car to Charity Cup Children’s Services?

There are many ways to express your faith and many ways to reach out to others. That’s what Charity Cup does. The non-profit organization considers itself a “patchwork of Christian people,” meeting the needs of individuals as far away as Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Honduras.

“Whether it’s playing sports, raising money, or reaching the poor with these proceeds, we are but the thread in the Master’s hand,” says the non-profit group’s website.

Charity Cup brings the talent of a broad spectrum of servants together to form teams, which travel to places across the globe to communicate the Good News of Jesus. One of these formats is called Impact Theatre, reaching out to audiences with images in motion to bring the message to life.

Charity Cup also reaches the world through sports. They form teams that compete in soccer, volleyball, dodge ball, softball, flag football, and ping pong, seeking to fight the good fight for the benefit of the orphans and widows, the lame, the sick, the lonely, the impoverished and the oppressed.

Bridge of Hope is a ministry to the hearing impaired and Girls of God builds up the emotional and spiritual strength of females.

Imagine helping to send more into this mission field. When you donate a vehicle to Charity Cup, you’re joining forces with these worthy servants. Isn’t it ironic that a 21st century “necessity” (a car) can bring the basics (like food) to needy individuals?

If you’ve had way too many meetups with your auto repair guy, consider this amazing option. Do you have too many miles on your car, or do you just want to upgrade?

While you get added comfort, you can at the same time add to the comfort of others!

Why donate my car vs. sell it?car donation charity cup fast

If you’ve determined it’s time for a greener car, or you’ve got a family now, so you’re retiring the sports car for an SUV, what’s your plan for the vehicle you no longer need?

Are you used to going the trade-in route, or selling it through CarMax? The problem is, did you know you’re losing quite a bit of your car’s value that way? You’re only getting about 35-40% of its actual value when you go with one of those two methods!

But with the car donation program to Charity Cup, you get to write off a full 100% of your car’s worth. Like Charity Navigator’s website says, your charitable contribution to a qualified non-profit group offers you the benefit of the property’s fair market value.

Donating a car to Charity Cup enables you to give a bump to your budget you maybe hadn’t planned on. A pleasant surprise!

But more importantly, you get something money can’t buy: a feeling of deep satisfaction, knowing you’re spreading the Gospel to “the least of these” (to use Jesus’ own words!)

You want to be a good steward, and according to the popular consumer website Edmunds.com, sometimes letting go of your car is a wiser financial move than hanging onto it.

Did you figure you’d post your car on Craigslist instead of making an auto donation? That’s okay, but it’s a lot of work! You have to clean your car, take great photos, and figure out the best platforms for posting it. Then you have to put up with flakes who don’t show up!

Donating a vehicle is wayyyyy easier, and there are additional benefits. You’ve got a tax break coming, and needy people of Moldova and Romania and Honduras benefit too.

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