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Catholic Charities of Orange County, Inc. Car Donation Program

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Why donate a vehicle to Catholic Charities?

pexels photo 236339Your car donation to Catholic Charities helps reduce poverty in America and support local communities with a wide variety of faith-oriented programs across the U.S. The common vision is “to serve, advocate and gather resources in a movement that allows Catholics to pull together to solve social problems -- and help those who most need love and support.” When you donate your car to Catholic Charities, you help deliver quality human services, strengthen Catholic identity, build leaders, respond to disasters, and so much more.

Why is this Catholic Charities car donation program the best?

Car donations to Catholic Charities through Cars2Charities, we maximize the value of your gift: particularly in CA, AZ and NV where we’ve innovated by improving how almost every car you donate looks and runs. We are different from every other charity car donation program, because we don’t just send vehicle donations to auction, “as is”. We evaluate most vehicles with our 16-point checklist, and make selective enhancements that will help interested buyers see the true value in the remaining life of your vehicle. We typically avoid auctions, where wholesalers are looking for bargain-basement prices, so they can resell your donation for a profit. Instead, our approach is to thoughtfully market your donation to retail buyers. This cuts out the middle-man and increases the sale-price of your donation. So you can do more good, and get a better vehicle donation tax deduction, than the alternative.

How to donate a car to Catholic Charities?

Donating a car to Catholic Charities is easy. Just click the “Donate Here” button, or call 855-520-2100. It family pier man woman 39691takes just 3-5 minutes to get started. We quickly arrange for free, expert towing – whenever it’s convenient for you, at whatever location you choose. We can come to your home, business, garage or storage unit, for example. If you have your title and registration papers, great. If you can’t find it, it expired, or there are other complications, no problem. We take care of all the paperwork, so you never have to deal with the DMV.

Once your vehicle arrives, we determine what investment would have a good return for you and for Catholic Charities. Even if your vehicle has not run in years, we can probably find or create some value. (Catholic Charities reimburses us for towing, improvements and handling.) After improvements are done, we take great photos and handle the sale process through mostly retail channels.

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“I’m ready to donate my car -- what about the car donation tax deduction?”

brothers boys kids baby 50601While you’re probably donating your vehicle to Catholic Charities mostly because you believe in the good work – as an advocate for poverty reduction programs, calling the broader community to build a more just and compassionate society – still, it’s great to know that it can make as much financial sense as giving your car to a dealership like CarMax. It’s often better to donate vs. sell. Not just because of how much time and effort you save: though just think of trying to improve the vehicle yourself, placing the ads, taking the phone calls, showing the vehicle, negotiating with low-ball offers, starting over if the buyer backs out. In addition to side-stepping that hassle, you get the benefit of an IRS tax deduction that’s equal to the actual full sale price of the vehicle. So the more we can improve it, the better off you are as the donor.

We issue Form 1098-C within 30 days of sale. You and Catholic Charities both receive a carbon copy of the same document, so it’s always clear exactly what your vehicle sold for and when. CPAs know the value when you donate a car for tax deduction, so it’s always a good idea to check in. The 25-50% value we typically add just makes it that much more compelling for many. Check out some of our car donation testimonials: donor experiences with photos.

“Can I make an RV donation to Catholic Charities? Motorcycle donation? Golf Cart donation?”

Yes, yes, yes … and more. We make it so easy to give not just cars, but you can donate a recreational vehicle of any kind. You can donate an RV to Catholic Charities just as easily as a camper, trailer or golf cart. In fact many people make a golf cart donation when its batteries have all died. (Did you know there are usually 6 or 8 batteries, and they each cost >$160 apiece to replace in a golf cart?! No wonder many people decide to just replace the cart at that point, and donate it to charity.)

Others donate a motorcycle to Catholic Charities, or a boat, jet ski, ATV or other formerly-fun “toy” they now realize has not been used in 2 year or more. Are you in that boat? (Excuse the pun.) Are you paying dock fees, storage fees – or have you been told by some city official that “you can’t keep that there anymore”? Maybe you heard that line from a spouse or friend. Perhaps it’s not safe any longer. Or maybe it’s costing you, a lot: either money, or harmony … or both.

On the upside, many donors give a vehicle when they’re upgrading: repair bills have gotten too high, and it’s pexels photo 1128318time for something better or bigger or at least new. Trade-in prices can be an insult, and many donors would prefer to do something good for someone else than haggle. Even if it means a little extra cash, the joy of sharing your good fortune can make your day. Other times, you might be helping someone downsize, or move into an alternative living situation. Trustees and executors often make a vehicle donation to Catholic Charities in honor of a client or loved one who was passionate about their faith.

Whatever YOUR reason for giving, our efficient coordinators are here to serve and make the most of your giving experience. It takes just 3-5 minutes to get started. So why not help Catholic Charities close the gap in student performance, counsel and house those in transition, provide adoption support, feed the hungry – and support many other transforming programs that reduce poverty in America?! Let’s get started.

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