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American Cancer Fund for Children Car Donation Program

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Why should I donate a car to American Cancer Fund for Children?

teddy teddy bear association ill 42230Paul was a teenager with dreams. He really wanted the chance to ride in a Lamborghini and he hoped that someday he’d have the chance to meet stars from one of his favorite TV shows.

But Paul’s time was running short. A brain tumor was quickly progressing, so the team at American Cancer Fund for Children got to work to make sure Paul could experience the dreams he was waiting for. They arranged for Paul to get the thrill of an extended ride in a Lamborghini, and they brought Paul to the sets of his favorite TV shows. Thanks to American Cancer Fund for Children, he was able to visit “Let’s Make a Deal” and also to meet stars of several shows, including “NCIS.” Paul and his family were grateful to share the happiness of those experiences before he lost his battle with cancer.

Two-year-old Jennifer has the love of a family who needs support and resources. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and continues her fight, but Jennifer’s family is barely able to pay for rent or put food on their table. That’s where American Cancer Fund for Children comes in. Staff members solicited the aid of local restaurants and supermarkets that agreed to provide meals and basic necessities. Not only that, the family received gifts from ACF for Children, including a day at a theme park so Jennifer and her loved ones could make memories together.

medical appointment doctor healthcare 40568You can help continue the work of providing for families battling cancer. With an American Cancer Fund for Children vehicle donation, the car you no longer need becomes the means to bring smiles to kids with serious illnesses.


How can I donate my car to American Cancer Fund for Children?

The beauty of a car donation to the American Cancer Fund for Children is that it’s an extremely simple process. A 3-5 minute phone call is all you need for your car to become a channel of comfort and happiness for a family struggling to handle the pain caused by cancer.

Sometimes the stress of illness can break down a family’s communication and threaten to tear parents and children apart. That’s what was happening in the lives of 7-year-old Jessica and her family. They were in crisis, so American Cancer Fund stepped in.pexels photo 207653

Because of the generosity of donors like you, the organization was able to provide the family with a special day at the Kids Cancer Connection beach house, where they got to swim in the water and play in the sand. American Cancer Fund also arranged for them to have lunch and offered family members gifts to take home. Jessica’s family still talks about what an amazing day that was for them.

When you’re ready, give us a call, and we come to pick up your car at the location and at a time that is most convenient for you. We tow away your car and our experts do a thorough inspection to determine if upgrades or repairs can maximize your donation. We’ve found that our cars get proceeds that are 25-50% higher than they do without the improvements.


Can I donate an RV to American Cancer Fund for Children?

Yes – a recreational vehicle donation to American Cancer Fund for Children benefits the lives of children in the same way a car, truck or SUV donation does. Whatever your motorized vehicle is – tractor, trailer, fifth wheel – we pick them up for you and send proceeds to the charity.

Do you have watercraft, even Sea-Doos or Jet Skis, you don’t use? Donate a boat and your gift is transformed into the supportive work the organization does. You can make a motorcycle donation as well, and you can also donate a golf cart to American Cancer Fund for Children, whether the vehicle runs or not. In fact, we tow away the donation cars, even if they do still work.

pexels photo 207891You benefit and children battling cancer do as well. We take care of the title transfer and all of the paperwork for your American Cancer Fund for Children charity car donation. We sell your car; then we report the actual sale price of the vehicle to you and to ACF for Children, following the guidelines prescribed by the IRS. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale.

Cancer is the most common cause of death by disease in kids and adolescents. We can help you play a part in making the lives of cancer victims better when you donate a car to the American Cancer Fund for Children. You may be providing housing, granting a wish to a dying child, or literally filling a family’s refrigerator with food. Any way you look at it, your vehicle can be a life-giving resource to others in need.

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