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Motorhome Donation

If you are interested in donating a vehicle to charity, let Cars2Charities help you donate a motorhome, RV, camper or trailer. Unlike other vehicle donation centers, we have unique features that allow us to maximize your donation dollars for your favorite charities and take the pressure off of you throughout the donation process.donate-photo

If you choose to sell your motorhome, RV, camper or trailer and then donate the money to charity by yourself, you will find that you run into several obstacles. First, you will need to prepare the recreational vehicle for sale by cleaning it and repairing all the things that may have gone wrong with the unit while you used it. Secondly, you will have to find the time to advertise the recreational vehicle and get it priced correctly. Next, you have to deal with the public as they want to look at, test drive, and inspect it. This can be a long, tedious, and possibly even dangerous process as you can never be sure who is coming to your home to see it. Finally, once you have finalized the sale, you must complete paperwork and pay taxes before you can ever donate a penny to your favorite charity.

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Instead of putting yourself through this trouble, why not contact Cars2Charities by calling us at 855-520-2100 seven days a week or visiting our website? We will take care of all of the problems for you, allowing you to simply enjoy the good feeling you get from helping others who need your assistance.

When you call us or fill out the online form, we will schedule the pick up and do all the necessary refurbishing and repair that will get it into shape for sale. We do the things that will maximize your motorhome's resale value so that you get both the highest possible tax deduction and the highest check to donate to your favorite charity.

Next, we ask you to choose a charity that will benefit from your donation. To this end, we have hundreds of eligible and worthy charitable partners in our extensive list, but if none of these suit your needs we will work with you to get the funds to your chosen group. Church or children’s groups, school groups and local civic organizations are all possibilities as well as national organizations. You can help in the fight against deadly diseases, assist people in locating food and housing, or provide funds for children’s educational services with your donation funds.

It doesn't matter if you have owned the RV for decades or just recently purchased it for this season. Whatever type of RV or motorhome you have from Class A, Class B, Class C, pull trailer, fifth wheel trailer, travel trailer, folding trailer, or a pop up tent trailer, we can process your donation and get your favorite charity a check to help them further their work. 

Donating a motorhome, RV, camper or trailer could not be simpler or more rewarding. Contact Cars2Charities immediately to find out how you can donate your vehicle and use the funds for the greater good of your community.

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