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Car Donation in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth2In the world of buying and selling cars, it’s not your first rodeo. If you’re starting to doubt your car’s ability to get you safely from Point A to Point B, make a car donation in Fort Worth to make a difference for a non-profit.

You know how important a reliable set of wheels is – especially getting the kids to sports and after-school programs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If you haven’t bought a new car since Bush 43 was in office (or Bush 41!) it’s probably time.

But what will you do with your old car? You can benefit the 501(c)(3) of your choice and get a tax break by donating a car in Fort Worth through Cars2Charities.

Why should I donate my car in Fort Worth?

Are you in outside sales? If you cover a large territory, your odometer must be in the 6-figure range. You need a “mobile office” that’s effective! Have you been wanting things like heated armrests and radar cruise control? You can get those and plenty more.

Perhaps you need a car with Android Auto for voice commands, or maybe you’re just at the auto mechanic way too often. Whatever the reason, when you donate a vehicle in Fort Worth it enables you to think of yourself (new car!) and others (charity giving) at the same time.

Many local non-profits are still suffering from the economic downturn in 2008. They’ve been struggling to get people in the habit of charitable giving again.

Do you always attend the Jewel Charity Ball? It’s Fort Worth’s longest standing black-tie event – 65 years since it began. It’s wonderful to enjoy a great evening gala while celebrating the angel donors who benefit the patients at Cook Children’s.

If you want your vehicle donation in Fort Worth to go to Jewel Charity, you can do that, or send it to any non-profit you choose. 

Did you get your last F-150 at Auto Nation and just figured you’d do a dealer trade-in? It sounds soooooo easy, but it really isn’t that much easier than a car charity donation in Fort Worth. When you work with us at Car2Charities, we take care of everything. 

And even better, you save a lot of money, because dealer trade-ins and CarMax transactions are money losers. They typically give you about 30-40% of your vehicle’s actual value.

How do you donate your car in Fort Worth?

It’s faster and easier than your daily ride to work. Just call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online. It’s pretty much one and done!

We schedule a time that’s convenient for you to pick up your vehicle donation, and then we take it from there.

We have a value-added process, by the way. When we pick up your car, we bring it to our technicians who do an in-depth inspection and assess your car for necessary alterations. Our research shows that cars that receive those kinds of changes tend to sell for 25-50% more than those that don’t.

That means a bigger tax break for you and more money for your favorite cause!Fort Worth3

Have you ever sold a car yourself? It’s a HUGE job. If so, you probably went through the usual: major cleaning followed by a photo session, making sure you expose the details, for better or worse. Then you figure out where to post it (gathering all the necessary info for the post). Then you wait. Sometimes a really long time.

But at Cars2Charities we’ve been processing donation cars for decades, so it’s not as overwhelming as it is for you. Donating cars in Fort Worth through our program enable drivers to put their energy to finding that next vehicle.

What are donors saying?

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Can I donate a boat in Fort Worth? An RV or a motorcycle?

Yes to all! When was the last time you got to Lake Worth? If your boat basically lives at Eagle Mountain Marina, you may want to get rid of it and save yourself some money. A boat donation in Fort Worth Fort Worth1through Cars2Charities gives it more value – you can benefit a non-profit and get a tax break.

Do you live at Frisco Lakes? If so, you may have gone through one Club Car already. If your batteries need replacing (which is costly) or all of your friends have an E-Z-Go and you don’t need yours, consider a golf cart donation in Fort Worth.

Or if you hit the highway more than the pathway, you may like stretching out on your Harley. When it’s time for a new hog, let us know. You can donate a motorcycle in Fort Worth.

How can I get the BEST car donation tax deduction in Fort Worth?

Whether you invest in real estate or support TCU, you want to be smart with your dollars and cents. 

When you donate a car to charity in Fort Worth there’s a bigger benefit than you may know. First of all, your CPA will give you a pat on the back (which is always nice). Or if you choose Turbo Tax, you can look up the advantages of car donations ... they lay it all out for you.

And don’t forget the Cars2Charities benefit. On top of getting a vehicle donation program that’s transparent and family owned and operated, we maximize your tax write-off.

After selling your car, we report the sale price of the vehicle to you and the charity. Following the guidelines set up by the IRS, you both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale. 

Your donation car can help the organization expand its programs and continue its work. So, for instance, if you attend a church, like Gateway or The Potter’s House, your generous charity car donation in Fort Worth can create more lessons for Sunday School, or send more missionaries out into the field.

If you aren’t sure which non-profit to support, there are numerous charities we’ve worked with, which you can find on our “causes” page. Your car, truck or SUV donation in Fort Worth can support kids, animals, veterans – you name it.Fort Worth4

You love your life, but you also know that needs are out there. You can meet some of those needs when you donate a car in Fort Worth. Whether your needs include up or downsizing, or you’re just ready to kick your car to the curb, we’re ready here at Cars2Charities to help you with the process.

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