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Car Donation in Billings, Montana

When your Expedition has seen too many winters you can donate a car in Billings and send it on its way – fast and easy. You also get two perks – you can choose any nonprofit group to benefit from your vehicle donation and collect a tax break yourself.

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Why donate your car in Billings?

Sometimes you just reach that point. You decide your car or truck doesn’t cut it anymore and start spending your free time at places like Compton Motorsports to look for something new. 

It’s fun to shop for new wheels, but it leaves you with a car you don’t need. You can make a car or truck donation in Billings through Cars2Charities and send proceeds to support a cause you care about.

It’s certainly a hassle if you try to sell it yourself. You have to clean it out, then detail it. Next is the photo session followed by posting it to sales platforms. And don’t forget the final phase – meeting up with car shoppers.

Another problem with selling it yourself is the cost to you in taking time off work. That’s the beauty of a vehicle donation in Billings through Cars2Charities. We have time – and 30 years of experience – to handle it for you.

If you were just going to do a dealer trade-in at the Truck Shop of Billings, you’re walking away from at least half of your vehicle’s value. You typically receive about 30-50% of the value of your car when you trade it in. Some researchers at USC did a study showing that customers with a trade-in lose even more. Dealers have a tendency to hike up the price of the new car, because when you’re doing a trade-in, they assume you don’t care much about your bottom line. 

Are you on the fence about whether to buy something new? One sure-fire way to tell if it’s time is whether you’re ending up at Top Tech or Shiloh Automotive week after week. 

If you’re tired of the oil business busting your budget you may want to drive something with better gas mileage, like a smaller pickup or a car.

There’s one more motive to get your started. billings 3Your car, truck or SUV donation in Billings can benefit someone needy – plus you get a tax break.

How can I get a car donation tax deduction in Billings, Montana?

If you’re thinking, “Hey, my truck is working fine – I’ll drive it ‘til it falls apart,” you may be surprised to hear you can lose money. The site Edmunds.com has an article about how to know when your car is costing too much in repairs and you’d be better off replacing it.

Did you feel the effects of a better economy and earn more than you expected? You could be looking for more tax write-offs this year. A car charity donation in Billings will provide one.

If you do your own taxes on Turbo Tax and you donate a car to charity, just check the website to see how to file it.

When you donate a vehicle in Billings through Cars2Charities, our unique process benefits you even more. We do an inspection of donation cars to determine whether or not they should get some improvements. Our research shows that these changes tend to maximize the sale price of donation vehicles by 25-50% (which increases your write-off).

What happens when I donate my car in Billings, Montana?

Billings1Well, not much – for you – because we take care of everything! You don’t have to drop your car off anywhere or spend hours standing in line at the DMV for the title transfer. We take care of that.

Call us at Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100 or donate online and our towing professional comes to wherever you are – at a convenient time for you – to pick up your donation vehicle. From there we bring it to our technician to have it checked out. 

With Cars2Charities you’re getting an experienced team. We’ve been in the business for three decades, so you can kick back, do the yard work you’ve been putting off or go shopping. Plus, we’re trustworthy, following all of the IRS guidelines. You and the charity you choose get a copy of Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale.

One of the most rewarding parts of making a charity car donation in Billings is you get to support a cause. Through Cars2Charities you can put food on the table by supporting the Billings Food Bank or the Women’s and Children’s Center at Montana Rescue Mission

Are you a member of one of the VFW posts? You can donate a car to veterans if you choose.

Is your church in need of extra cash? An auto donation in Billings can help them.

Any foundation or other 501(c)(3) can receive proceeds from a Cars2Charities auto donation.

Can I donate a motorcycle or make an RV donation in Billings?

If you’ve got some wide, open space but it’s cluttered with your car collection, you may be ready to clean it up. Either that or the storage unit you’re wasting money on, where your Coachmen sits week after week. You can donate an RV in Billings and turn it into a benefit for charity.

If you’re used to experiencing Big Sky Country on a bike, you must love the fresh air and being outside. A motorcycle donation in Billings could send money to a nonprofit like Great Bear Wilderness or Helena National Forest.billings2

If you’re a regular at Big Boys Toys in Bozeman, you may live in an active adult community or be a member at The Briarwood. Perhaps you have your own E-Z-Go and want to upgrade – or maybe you don’t want to replace those expensive batteries. You can donate a golf cart in Billings through Cars2Charities to benefit seniors or another cause.

Are you a master fisherman or love to ski? The boat that’s languishing in your carport can do better as a boat donation in Billings.

Whichever vehicles are bogging you down, we can help you convert their value to a good cause. A car donation in Billings through Cars2Charities is both easy and beneficial. You get the tax break and others needing support get a smile on their faces.

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