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Best Car Donation Boulder Colorado

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Best Car Donation Boulder Colorado


Named the "Happiest City in the U.S" by National Geographic, Boulder, Colorado is a place abuzz with art, food, and education. Living in a city that offers you so much, have you ever thought about how you can give back? By donating a car in Boulder Colorado, not only will you get a tax deduction for your donation, but you would be able to send the proceeds of your car as a monetary gift to a charity of your choice. How does a car do charity donation work? Prepare to have your mind blown....

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How to donate a car in Boulder Co?

Donating a car in Boulder CO is very simple. There are just three simple steps that allow you to donate a charity car.

1. Call or Submit Online Donation- You just need to make sure you have proof of ownership and call us at 855-520-2100 OR complete our online donation form. 

2. Pick Up Appointment- After you complete our car donation online form, one of our friendly car donation coordinators will schedule a pick up appointment with you over the phone. (If you choose to call us to give us first, you're acutally saving time!) We'll then send a driver to your car's location at a time that is convenient for you.

3. Tax Deduction- We handle everything from the DMV transfer to the sale of the car. We even provide you with and IRS Form 1098c if your charity car sells for more than $500. All you need to do is sit back and let us take care of everything for you.tax calculator

Common questions about our car donation process are answered on the FAQ section of our website.

Why should I donate my car in Boulder instead of selling it?

You may not realize the difference you can make by just having an extra car. It’s the ultimate form of giving back – someone needs a car for transportation and you need to replace what you’re driving. And at the same time, there are plenty of nonprofits in need of funding. When you donate your car in Boulder, CO, your car is sold to someone who needs an affordable, used vehicle, and the proceeds from the sale, minus expenses, will be sent to the charity of your choice.

Is your vehicle spending too much time at the local repair shop? Your older car might not be meeting your needs any more with the constant mechanical issues. Instead, you could be shopping for a new ride and considering what do do with it. But the question is- do you sell or donate it?

What about trading-in my car? That is an option, however, you can lose around 60-70% of your vehicle’s value (dealers need to make a profit, which is fair, but is costly to you.) There are also studies showing that car shoppers get charged more for the new car they’re buying.

In most states it's actually illegal to sell a vehicle without a smog certificate if the car is older than 2 years old. If you car is already giving you trouble it most likely wont pass smog, so donating your car is a great option, because in most cases, nonrunning cars make perfect vehicle donations.

Even if you want to sell your old vehicle, that means you will have to pay for an Auto Trader account which can be upwards of $100! Although sites like Auto Trader, Ebay and Craisglist are great tools, wouldn't it be nice not to have the hassle of meeting with strangers and checking your online car ads? When you donate a car in Boulder, Cars2Charities takes the hassle out of getting rid of your old car. Car Repair

Another reason to donate is making room for your new car. We know you're excited about looking at new cars. Which feature are you most excited about? – self-guiding, collision warning systems, better sound, luxury seats, offroading capabilities – whichever it is, at least your old car still has a purpose as well. A car, truck or SUV donation in Boulder through Cars2Charities is an easy route to take when you have to find a new home for the car you no longer need. Getting your old donated car out of the driveway will make room for your new whip.

Although Boulder has been complimented on it's beautiful landscap and city setting, commuting is never fun. According to an article in Daily Camera, commuters to Boulder can number about 46,000 per weekday throughout the city. If you are one of these tens of thousands of people driving to work, the condition of your car is probably important to you. At some point it's time to think about donating your car to someone who may not be driving as much or as often.

What charity can I donate a car do in Boulder, CO?

Sometimes car donation programs only allow you to donate to one charity- their charity. because we are car donation service, we are able to work with many nonprofits. That means your donation could to a national Parkisnon's charity or your local church.

Another difference that sets us apart from other companies is our sumple process. Some car charity programs require more work on the part of donors, but ours doesn’t put donors in that kind of situation. When you reach out to us, the phone call is about 3-5 minutes per car, and we we come to you and tow away your donation vehicle – at a time and place that works with your schedule.Some of our locations are even available for pick up on weekends! trees beside river 462086

And there are other advantages to the unique process of our vehicle donation program. We handle the all DMV and IRS paperwork to completion, including the title transfer. That means you can rest assured your donation is going to the children's charity of your choice, like Children’s Hospital or a worthy animal shelter, such as the SPCA.

Do you love National Public Radio? We do too! You can donate a car to NPR and bring your community a great source of news and current events. 

How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Boulder, Colorado? 

Your kindness towards others is not all you have in mind. We understand! Sometimes giving is also about your tax deduction or write-off. 

Choosing to donate a car in Boulder CO, is worth it for just that reason. You can do benefit others while doing something nice foryourself too. If your CPA is like eveyone elses, he or she encourages you to find write-offs. Well donating a car to charity is absolutely something you can do, and at any time of year!

Can you donate a motorcycle in St. Paul? What about a boat or an RV?

Yes, you can donate all of these types of vehicles.

If you’re a member of Sidney's Moto Club your bike gets used a lot, repaired, then used some more. When it no longer has the stamina it once did, then call us to make a motorcycle donation in Boulder, CO. You can use the value of the motorcycle's proceeds to support veterans, animal rescue centers, o rmaybe a childhood cancer charity.

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Did you purchase an RV to spend summers on the road with the kids? Now that the kids have grown up and are out of the house, perhaps it's time to visit Century RV and upgrade your rig? Then make an RV donation in Boulder through Cars2Charities.

Do you have a sparkling boat that's seen many days at the Boulder Reservoir?. If you’re upgrading your Supra SE with something built for speed, donate a boat in Boulder.

If you live in a community like Boulder-Longmont, you may own an electric vehicle. When you no longer have a need for it, you can donate a golf cart in Boulder to send the funds to a charity you care most about.

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