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Have you thought about what to do with your old car recently? Are you wondering, "What can I do with a car that no longer runs?" Donating a car in Birmingham is the answer to your questions. Imagine being able to remove your old car from your driveay and life, while helping a cause you believe in. It's not too good to be true; it's what we do here at Cars2Charities.


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What's the best way to donate your car in Birmingham Alabama?

The highest priorities you think about for your car are maintanince and the quality of service.  When your check engine light comes on, you know it's time to service your car, and you think, "I've had this car forever. Maybe its time to look for a new one". You could go to A+ Tire and Auto Repair or you could consider taking a look at some new wheels. Living in Birmingham, you have so many choices to choose from when looking at a new car. And new doesn't have to mean brand new. Maybe you could stop by Jim Burke's Preowned Super Center and purchase a gently used vehicle for your growing family. When buying a preowned car, you don't have to worry about your vehicle's trade-in value, especialy if your car isn't running. Car donation is a great option for you that will solve all of your problems. You didn't know it until now, but you are ready for the next chapter in your car life. 

When you go the route of trade-in, you will typically only receive 35-40% of the vehicle’s value. Cars2Charities gets fair market value for your car, which is a much better option for most donors considering auto donation. Sometimes we can even improve your donated vehicle, so you get more than you were expecting for a tax deduction from car donation. In fact, for each donated car to charity you get the benefit of the full sale price as a tax deduction amount.

Donate a car in Birmingham to help your favorite charity

You’re generous and caring, and you love the thought of sharing your wealth with someone who needs it. Did you know that donating a car in Birmingham can be a great way to find a new home for your car and help a local PTA or even a national charity like Food for the Hungry.  Before you go straight to CarMax, consider making your old wheels a charity car. Donating to charity is a lot more rewarding than getting a fraction of what your car is worth.

It’s nice to know something as ordinaory as car ownership can raise some money for your favorite non-profit organization. Are you passionate about helping the homeless, saving animals, or maybe you want to support a religious organization like Thru The Bible Radio Network? Perhaps you are hoping to help a humanitarian or disaster relief nonprofit that helps those without resources have enough food, water and shelter? What if your charity is not on our car donation list? Not a problem! We add new car charities all the time. Just call us and we can get their contact information and reach out to them about receiving the proceeds from you vehicle donation in Birmingham.

Nonprofit organizations assisting women diagnosed with breast cancer have benefitted contributions from many of our donors, as well as charities aiding those with Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's Disease. The Ronald McDonald House Is also a popular choice for donors.driving in nature

Your time is valuable. That’s why we take care of almost every step in the car donation process. Your charity donation is handled seamlessly from beginning to end. It only takes about 3 to 5 minutes to schedule a donation pick up appointment. All you do is make a call to 855-520-2100 or fill out the Donate Online! form at the top of this page. The day of your pick up appointment, one of our tow-truck drivers will pick up your vehicle during a window that's convenient for you. Did you know that in most cities, we can pick up your car in just 24-48 hours? We can send a driver to almost any location, even if your donated car is in a storage facility or at repair shop. We've even picked up cars from businesses, grocery store parking lots, and a drive-thru theatre!

When your vehicle arrives at our facility we  do a 16-point check and determine if we can make improvements. Most of our vehicle look great without needing them and then we send your car donation to auction or market it to interested buyers. We’ve found that our cars sell for quite a bit more with the changes, but we have many ways of adding value to each donation. After your car sells, we send you an official donation receipt, and if your car sells for more than $500, we send you an IRS Form 1098-C showing the sale price of your vehicle. The non-profit you chose when you scheudled the donation will then receive proceeds of the sale minus expenses. They will also receive a copy of your donation receipt in the form of an invoice, ensuring 100% transparency. We not only take care of IRS forms for you, but we handle all the DMV paperwork too, even if you can't locate the title or if your registration has lapsed.

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Can I donate an RV, boat, truck, or motorcycle, in Birmingham? 

Absolutely! We take many different recreational vehicles. If it has a motor and runs, we can probably take it. Perhaps you've been boating on Black Warrior River all of your adult life, but the vessle you've loved is now getting older? You can choose to donate a boat in Birmingham. What a great way to turn your old watercraft into funds for a charity in need, and also get ready your driveway or storage room for a shining new toy!

You can also call us about a truck or SUV donation in Birmingham. Those valued auto donations can greatly benefit your charity of choice. But did you know you can also make a motorcycle donation or a golf cart donation in Birmingham? Even if your golf cart stopped working because of some dead batteries, often times is still has value.  When you call, we come for almost any vehicle – Sea-Doos and jet skis are also among vehicles that make great donations. You'd probalby be surprised that many folks also decide to donate a classic car in Birmingham. Since Alambama is home to one of our most lucrative classic car auto auctions, these classics become major sources of funding for charities!

Charities get 100% of the net proceeds, which is the full sale price minus reimbursement of towing, out-of-pocket costs to improve or sell the vehicle, and an administrative fee for Cars2Charities. There are no hidden fees.

Whether you're an experienced business person or just a regular Joe looking for a good deal, you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. It’s important to understand what’s happening with your vehicle donation in Birmingham. Most car donation programs simply have your vehicle towed to the nearest auction, where it sells to the first bidder. That will only bring rock bottom prices. This model ensures that your tax deduction will be a lot less that what your car is actually worth.

Our unique operating model maximizes the value of your tax deduction by either making improvements to your vehicle or finding the perfect buyer willing to pay competative prices for your vehicle. By controlling how your car looks, runs, and is sold, we manage to sometimes make gains in the total sale price. Those who appreciate its true value are willing to pay top dollar, rather than low-ball dealer or recylcer offers. It is our top priority to give you the BEST tax deduction possible. The IRS allows you to deduct the FULL SALE PRICE  of your donated vehicle (based on your tax bracket and other information we suggest you discuss with a CPA). We just want to make sure that your tax deduction is the highest possible based on our attention to detail and the individual care we put into each vehicle donation. We also to help you support a cause YOU care about.

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