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Best Car Donation in Costa Mesa, California

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Clear your garage & your life: donate your car in Costa Mesa

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Her revolutionary system is taking the world by storm. Kondo’s ideas for simplifying, organizing and storing are helping people loosen their grip on items around the house, in the garage, in the yard, and de-cluttering their lives!

We won’t go through your closets, but we can get you started by taking a car you no longer need off your hands, and turning it into new money for your favorite charities. Donating a car in Costa Mesa has never been easier, or more rewarding.

How to donate a car in Costa Mesa

It’s easy! Just 3 steps. When you’re ready, click the “Donate Now” button, or call us at 855-520-2100. It takes just 3-5 minutes with one of our expert coordinators. You pick a charity, or add your own to our list. We’ll tow your car, running or not, and make appropriate repairs so you get top dollar – which means your favorite charity gets more money! And you get the best car donation tax deduction in Costa Mesa.

What’s the best charity car donation program in Costa Mesa?

Simply put, it’s usually whichever charity you may already be involved with – something you’re passionate about. But if you don’t have one in mind yet, no worries! We can help you choose, depending on where your heart is.

scouting 1555646 640Do you have a heart for children? Ypu can make a donation to fund the Girl Scouts. That's a chance to equip girls with confidence and leadership skills by donating a truck, van or ATV to the Girl Scouts of Orange County.

Want to support women recovering from cancer? Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation is right here in Orange County, making sure women battling the disease have enough resources to finish treatment. They work with such national organizations as the American Cancer Fund.

If non-denominational giving is more your style, consider car donation charities like Goodwill, or the Salvation Army. Both of these wonderful organizations accept more than just clothing and household items, and 100% of the net proceeds of vehicle donations are put to great work in the local chapters. (Charity partners reimburse Cars2Charities for the cost of towing, out-of-pocket expenses to improve your donated vehicle, and a standard sales fee.)

We want to help you support your favorite charity. When you call us at (855) 520-2100 and tell us who that is, we handle all the rest. Want to keep things super-simple? If you don’t have a charity preference, you can do what 1 in 4 donors do: just say, “Cars2Charities, you choose for me!”

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If I donate a car in Costa Mesa, what kind of tax deduction will I see?


You know good value when you see it, and you want your car donation bring the maximum benefits for the charity you choose.

We make the improvements necessary to increase your vehicle’s value prior to selling it. Adding to its value through upgrades typically results in a 25-50% higher tax deduction. Also, Cars2Charities sells to private individuals 90% of the time – not through car auctions, which usually reduce the selling price of the car. And one more thing – when you donate your SUV in Costa Mesa, a golf cart, a truck, or any vehicle in Costa Mesa through Cars2Charities, you avoid all the fees and taxes associated with the sale, and your non-profit cause pays no taxes for your donation.

You can be confident that we follow the IRS guidelines for your tax deduction. Both you and the charity receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle, providing total transparency; both you and the charity of your choice receive paperwork indicating the final sale price of your car.


You live in the heart of Orange County commerce – where visitors find luxury shopping at South Coast Plaza, and business men and women converge at hotels and conference centers. When you donate a car you no longer need to a Costa Mesa cause through Cars2Charities, there are an equal number of possibilities.

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