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How to donate a car in Corona?

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Want to upgrade your wheels? You have a car, truck or RV to donate to charity in Corona, home of the world famous Fender Guitar Museum, right? Well, we can't help you with your old Fender (the kind you play), but we can help you get the most from your vehicle's fender (if it's still on the car). Did you know you can donate a car in Corona to charity, with no strings attached? (Pun intended.)

We at Cars2Charities will come and pick it up: fast, easy, free. It's a no-hassle solution, even if your vehicle doesn't run. Simply call 855-520-2100 and a skilled tow-truck driver will meet you whenever and wherever it's convenient for you. What happens then? Once it arrives, we evaluate your Corona car or truck donation, and our ace team of technicians provides whatever repairs or improvements that might make sense to get the best sale price on behalf of your charity - and to get you the best possible tax deduction. Typically 25-50% more than you're likely to get elsewhere.

 Meanwhile, you get extra space in your garage or yard, and the benefits from the life-changing magic of tidying up an area of your life! 

Wait! If I donate my car in Corona, can it help me afford a new one?

Yes, for many donors the value of the car donation tax deduction in Norco is about the same as what you might get from CarMax or from a dealer. It's a win-win. The charity of your choice benefits from your gift, while your accountant is likely to appreciate what it does for your bottom line. Make a vehicle donation in Corona and you are likely to receive the highest benefit possible because of our unique process. 

First, we come and tow your vehicle for free. Then, we improve how your car looks and runs. This increases the likely sale value, along with that fact that we almost never auctions cars. Why? Because any charity car donation program that auctions vehicles will get a much lower sale price for you and your charity - since auctions are for wholesalers that would just look to make a profit for themselves. Instead, we cut out the middle man - which is a boon to both you and your charity! We typically add 25-50% more value to each vehicle donation in Corona. What does this mean for you? If your car is worth let's say $2,000 in its “as is" condition (if sold at auction, as is typical for charity car donation in Corona), our unique approach to improving and marketing your vehicle are likely to increase the sale price to $2,500 - $3,000 or more. Check out some of our donors' storiesmoney 3523131 640

We follow not just the IRS guidelines, and but also exceed the very best practices. Both you and your non-profit will receive IRS Form 1098 within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle, showing the full sale value. This ensures 100% transparency, so both you and the charity you choose sees you're your car, truck or RV donation actually sold for.

What are the best car donation charities in Corona?

Simply put, the best charity to donate your car to in Corona is one that you already know or have a passion for. Do you have a favorite nonprofit cause? Maybe you've always wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. Consider supporting a local chapter of the Girl Scouts -- offering them opportunities for learning, leadership, and skills for at home or in future careers. Or donate a golf cart in Corona to the Ronald McDonald House.

 Do you know someone recovering from cancer? Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation  turns every cent from your car donation into help for women recovering from this disease afford their care, and support themselves while they may have lost their source of income for a time. Or pick any other charity focused on helping others conquer diseases, or search for a cure. If you like listening to National Public Radio, car donations in Corona such as to NPR will support some of your favorite programs right here at local stations. Why not inform, inspire and encourage others with their great features?

Many of our donors are passionate about supporting a local church or parish, and we can help. Your vehicle donation to any church or faith-based organization in Corona is easy to do. Saddleback Church in Corona is helping members climb out of situations that have tied them in knots in the past - and when you donate a motorcycle, boat or any other recreational vehicle in Corona, you are helping people overcome their past and enjoy a fresh start. Other donors prefer to support organizations such as the Salvation Army, which supports communities, and not just with their well-known Family Value Stores. Similarly, Goodwill accepts vehicle donations of all kinds, and uses some of the money to provide education and training opportunities for local residents right in their own neighborhood.

Now, if you like to keep things super-simple, or if you just don't like to decide, that's perfectly fine. Many donors simply say, “Cars2Charities, please choose for me." We're glad to help.

What are donors saying?

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How do I proceed with any vehicle or RV donation in Corona?

Whether it's a small camper donation or a huge recreational vehicle -- or if you just want to donate a motorcycle or a golf cart in Corona -- you'll be amazed at how simple it is, thanks to our top notch vehicle donation program experts who understand your specific needs. Whether you decide to contact us online or simply call 855-520-2100, it typically takes just 3-5 minutes for our efficient team to gather some key facts, and to answer any questions you may have. 

There's more good news - your car doesn't even have to run. We specialize in creating value in cases where a mechanic has quoted prices that just don't make it worth fixing the vehicle. Is your car in the shop again? Are you at a cross-roads about what to do next? If you're ready for a new car and don't want to think about what to do about the old one, Cars2Charities is a great answer right now.

pexels photo 1243364Maybe your car still runs, and you've been trying to sell it for a while. If it's not in very good condition, are you simply hoping potential buyers won't mind the problems with it? Do you think you'll get as good a price as we can for it? Now, think of all the time and effort involved with getting it “sale-ready" … not to mention the hassle of showing it, negotiating, and arranging for the title transfer and other paperwork. We at Cars2Charities not only make the appropriate improvements so your vehicle can have a whole new life with someone new - but we handle ALL the paperwork, from soup to nuts. Then, the charity you choose gets a nice check, while you enjoy the best tax deduction you possibly can.

The vehicle you loved and took care of for years doesn't have to go to a junk yard, where old cars and trucks go to die. We can give it a new lease on life. And what stories we could share, such as about the family that donated a fully-equipped van used by their physically-challenged son when they were ready to upgrade. We found a buyer who needed exactly that, we refurbished it, and got a great check for the charity.

The bottom line is this: YOU get your car taken off your hands: fast, easy and free. YOU get to check something off your to-do-list. YOU get to choose your favorite charity, if you want -- and you get the satisfaction of knowing you've made a difference in the lives of others. YOU get the benefit of the best possible tax write-off, because of the value we create for everyone. Then, you can afford a new Fender - of both kinds!

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