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Best Car Donation in Beverly Hills, California

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What's the best way to donate your car in Beverly Hills?

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You know quality and service -- and you expect to work with the very best people in every area of your life. Whether it's time for an upgrade -- or you just don't need it anymore --  consider donating your car to a non-profit. If vehicle donation is right for you, Cars2Charities is the one to call. It's fast, easy and free. Pick any charity, or add your own. And get the best tax donation in the process.

Donate a Car in Beverly Hills to Help Your Favorite Charities

You've got a big heart. You feel blessed, and you want to share the wealth. You know there are needs out there, and you can be a vehicle for change (pardon the pun). So before you think of selling or trading-in your car (or perhaps a "toy"), consider. Wouldn't it be great if the vehicle you no longer want could make a difference for some cause you may be passionate We?

If you were to do a trade-in:  do you know that car dealers typically give you just 35-40% of the value that they expect to re-sell that vehicle for? Cars2Charities cuts out the middle-man. We improve your donated vehicle, so you get the benefit of the full sale price as a tax deduction: and you get to do the greatest good for the non-profit of your choice.

HOW to Donate a Car to Charity in Beverly Hills

beverly hills 1630448 640Your Time is Money. We make your charity contribution go farther by seamlessly handling every aspect for you, from beginning to end. It takes just 3 to 5 minutes to get started, with a quick call to 855-520-2100. An expert tow-truck driver will pick up your vehicle whenever it's convenient for you. We typically come within 24-48 hours, but faster arrangements are also available. We come to whatever location you choose, including to storage facilities and repair shops.

We improve your vehicle, then market it to interested buyers who recognize quality and value: and who are willing to pay top dollar based on our reputation for service and reliability. When your car sells, we send you an IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days, showing the full sale price of your vehicle. The non-profit you choose gets the same form, ensuring 100% transparency. We handle all the DMV paperwork, even if you can't locate the title or registration, or if your registration has lapsed.

Since we do it all for you, that leaves you the time and space to get back to business -- doing what you do best, providing you with more time, which leaves more money in your pocket.

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WHAT Are the Best Car Donation Charities in Beverly Hills?

You appreciate quality. So you want to be sure your charitable contribution is going to the best place, to do the greatest good. The best charity is often the one you're already involved with: where you know the people, or are passionate about their mission. Alcoholism and Dementia have been linked and it is a cause you believe in. Maybe it's your local temple, synagogue, or other houses of worship in Beverly Hills. Perhaps it's the Catholic Charities. Are you passionate about animal rescue? Helping women recovering from breast cancer, or coping with Alzheimer'sgolf course 1824369 640

There are lots of great options for charities that would be glad to accept an SUV donation, motorcycle donation or a golf cart donation in Beverly Hills - including the Ronald McDonald House. Charities get 100% of the net proceeds, which is the full sale price minus reimbursement of towing, out-of-pocket costs to improve the vehicle, and a sales fee for Cars2Charities.

Now, if you're like half of our Beverly Hills car donors, you might simply say “Cars2Charities, please just choose for me!"  


How Do I Get the Best Car Donation Tax Deduction in Beverly Hills?

Perhaps you're a savvy business person … or related to one. If getting the biggest bang for your buck, or the best result for your bottom line is important to you, then be sure you know what will happen with your vehicle after you donate it to the charity you choose. Most car donation programs serving Beverly Hills simply have your vehicle towed to the nearest auction, where it's bought by a wholesaler. That person will bid rock bottom prices, to maximize profit when it's re-sold. Your tax deduction would then be a lot less. 

WE have a UNIQUE operating model that maximizes the value of your tax deduction. How? First, we improve every vehicle donation in Beverly Hills. We enhance how your car looks and runs, then market it to a network of interested retail buyers: those who appreciate its true value and are willing to pay top dollar, because they'll probably be the final owner. This cuts out the middle-man. Getting retail prices (instead of the low-ball offers from dealers or auction prices from wholesalers) means we get the highest possible price, and provide you with the BEST tax deduction. The IRS allows you to deduct the FULL SALE PRICE of your donated vehicle, including the value we add as we improve it.

american 1239040 640Cars2Charities almost never sends a vehicle to auction. Our process of optimizing, combined with retail marketing, typically results in 25%-50% more for you - and sometimes even better.

When you're ready to say “Donate my car to charity" in Beverly Hills, we can help. You'll fund a great cause, and get a nice tax deduction - all with one quick, simple call.

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