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beach car child 1134857You may spend as much time on the water as you do on the road, but there comes a time when you have to replace your car.

Are you starting a family and want to size up from your sedan? Or did you outgrow the family’s SUV and want to downsize, not to mention save on gas?

You may not realize it, but upgrading your car can also bring out the philanthropist in you. That’s because you can donate a car in Dana Point that sends support to your favorite charity.

Why should I donate my car in Dana Point instead of selling it?

As much as you’d like to spend your days whale watching or surfing the 7 miles of Dana Point coastline, chances are you have a job commute or the responsibility of kids – school, sports and swim lessons, among many other things.

It happens to the best of us – first, your car starts breaking down a lot, and then one day, it finally gives up the ghost. So, what do you do now?

What seems like a bad thing has a silver lining. It’s actually an opportunity! There’s true value left in the car you no longer need, so another driver can give it a new life and you can throw support to the non-profit of your choice.beach clouds dawn 635279

When you donate your car in Dana Point, local needs can be met by your generosity. Are you a member of a congregation, like Saddleback, or a temple or mosque? Or maybe you have memories of visiting the Ocean Institute and want more kids to experience the sea as a classroom, like you did.

Have you started car shopping yet? If so, what will you do with the car you don’t need? Are you just heading to the dealer for a trade-in? You ought to know you only get about 30-40% of the car’s value that way.

By contrast, when you donate a car to charity in Dana Point, you can let 100% of the value go toward a tax benefit – seriously! Whatever your car sells for, that’s what you write off of your taxes. The added bonus with us at Cars2Charities is that when you donate a vehicle in Dana Point with our process, it typically increases your car’s value by 25-40%.

How can I donate a car to charity in Dana Point, California?

Once you contact us, we take the tedious part (fixing up and selling your car), while you get the fun part (shopping).

Seriously, just a 3-5 minute phone call to us and we’re off to the races. We assess the car for appropriate upgrades or repairs, and find a buyer who needs a used vehicle. Then the win-win becomes a win-win-win. They get new wheels, your favorite charity gets money, and you get a tax credit.

aged antique auto 943930Have you been involved in the PTA or your school’s foundation and want to help them expand their programs? Or are you a pet lover and want to see more animals taken care of? When donating a vehicle, you can request that proceeds go to A Wish for Animals, a no-kill non-profit in Dana Point.

Need help choosing a charity? You can select any 501(c)(3), from a medical foundation to your house of worship.

Remember that tedious work we do? You don’t even have to do the DMV paperwork when you donate an automobile. We take on that part too!! We send you, the charity and the IRS Form 1098 and you receive a confirmation letter with a temporary donation receipt. And your charity car donation in Dana Point is done!

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How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Dana Point, California? 

Have an appointment scheduled with the tax man? You don’t want to get on his or her bad side, do you?

By donating a car in Dana Point there’s no getting scolded for not having enough write-offs. Instead, auto donations tend to be applauded by CPAs, especially when they’re sold for the maximum, which we do for you.american 1239040 640

According to the IRS’ “Donor’s Guide to Car Donations,” the maximum dollar amount you can deduct on your income tax for your car is the fair market value. That means: “the price someone would pay for it,” so when improvements are made to car donations in Dana Point, it brings greater benefits to everyone involved.

All that’s left up to you is to decide who gains your support from the vehicle donation program.

Charity Navigator’s website says, “The glory of charitable donations is that you give and receive at the same time. You should clearly contribute, rather than throw out, old clothes, furniture and equipment that you no longer use.”

And it’s so easy!

Can I donate an RV in Dana Point? A golf cart or boat?

motorhome 820593 640Do you keep paying for a storage unit? Or is your driveway crowded? If you’ve got recreational vehicles you don’t really use anymore, parlay them into support for your favorite non-profit. Just remember, not all car charity programs in Dana Point can take watercraft, like sea-doos and jet skis – but we’re happy to! And imagine if your boat donation in Dana Point could support the Dana Point Harbor Youth Foundation or another program.

Have you hung up the keys to the Harley? Donate a motorcycle in Dana Point and people in the local area get their needs met, like GameChanger, a non-profit helping kids with life-threatening illnesses. Maybe you can finally reorganize your garage!

Do you enjoy the luxury of golf course living? If you donate your golf cart in Dana Point it saves you from having to replace a dead battery.

Donating cars to charity opens up a lot of opportunities. You can put money toward the cause you love most, and you get to be a hero in front of your accountant. You’d like to know your contribution adds comfort or healing to someone else, at the same time as solving the dilemma, “What do I do with my old car?” Your vehicle donation in Dana Point just might be the best thing you’ve done all year.

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