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Donate a Car in Hollywood

Time for a new car?california hill hollywood 164183

Don’t just kick your car to the curb—get cash for a cause! When you’re slipping into the seats and sniffing the “new car” smell, remember what you can do with the car you no longer need.

A car donation in Hollywood sends money right to your favorite charity.

Why should I donate my car in Hollywood instead of selling it?

Are you in the entertainment industry and want to motor to the set every day in something a little more environmentally-friendly? When you ditch your gas guzzler for a MINI, a Fiat, or an electric car, you can cash in for a cause!

If you need something bigger for the car pool or friendlier for the commute, you have decisions to make. And we’ve got some great reasons why you should make a car donation in Hollywood to the charity of your choice.architecture asphalt avenue 1115866

First off, don’t do a dealer trade-in!! You’re losing 60-70% of the value of your car at the dealer and through CarMax. And did you know that stats show that dealers just charge you more for the new car? So, you’re really not getting a deal at all!

We know—there goes an easy plan. But, don’t worry—our plan is JUST as easy—plus, you’re getting the full value out of your car! The tax write-off you get is based on 100% of the sale price, which we at Cars2Charities maximize through our process.

Do you want to keep it in town and support the Entertainment Industry Foundation? Or what about Los Angeles LGBT Center in Hollywood? Maybe you want the money to go to Planned Parenthood. https://www.cars2charities.org/give/planned-parenthood-car-donation Any non-profit can gain from your decision to donate your vehicle through Cars2Charities.

How can I donate a car to charity in Hollywood?

Even if you like the action of life in the city, you don’t need a lot of chaos when it comes to changing cars. Good news—you can lose the hassles with a vehicle donation in Hollywood through Cars2Charities!
Get a load of this—you’re on your way in five minutes. FIVE MINUTES! As soon as you make a quick call to 855-520-2100 or contact us online, you’re good to go.

We literally take it from there. We typically pick up in 24-48 hours, and unlike some of the car charity programs that need you to get your car to them, we come to you—wherever and whenever is most convenient for you. We tow it away and sell it for you. Then we send you the paperwork—even the hassle of the DMV details are on us!Cars2Charities Tow Truck

You DO NOT want to put up with Craigslist shoppers, nor OfferUp flakes. We sell it for you. We also bump up the value with our process. At Cars2Charities we make selective improvements to maximize your car’s value. That typically means a bigger sale price, which means a greater donation to your charity, which means a bigger tax write-off for you!

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How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Hollywood?

Need to raise those write-offs? This is perfect! Not only does a car, truck or SUV donation in Hollywood offer you a tax break, the changes we make to your car donation usually raise the value by approximately 25-50% as a result of any necessary alterations we make. The charity reimburses us for the towing and a standard service fee, and then they get a donation check from your generous gift!

Piggy BankIt’s such a great opportunity for you. You need a new car and you have to make a decision about your old vehicle anyway. Do you use Turbo Tax? When you input the full value of your auto donation you’ll like what you see on your computer. Consult their site for a car donation guide. https://www.turbotax.com/lp/ty15/ppc/max-refund-t.htm?srqs=null&cid=ppc_gg_b_stan_all_us_turbo-tax-main_ty15-bu2-sb5&srid=sVtQyMcFN|pcrid|51650946108|pkw|turbo%20tax|pmt|e|pdv|c|mtid|14766znc42562&skw=turbo%20tax&adid=51650946108&kw={searchQuery}&ven=gg&

Do you use a CPA? He or she will love what you’ve done! When you pony up the paperwork after donating a car in Hollywood it’ll be very impressive. Check out opinions from some Los Angeles professionals about donating a vehicle to charity: http://laleablack.com/

We give you a donation receipt with a confirmation letter outlining the steps. And your charity car donation in Hollywood is completely transparent to all parties – the same IRS form 1098, which reflects the actual sale price, goes to you, the charity and the IRS. We take care of all of that, including the title transfer of your car. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-tege/pub4303.pdf

Do you still have questions? See our videos that explain everything in detail. http://www.cars2charities.org/car-donation-videos

Do car donations in Hollywood include RVs? What about a boat donation? A motorcycle donation?

Pick a vehicle, any vehicle, and we probably pick them up! You can turn almost any motorized transportation into help for someone in need. Do you want to make an RV donation in Hollywood? Done!

Or do you have something like a Sea-Doo taking up space? Maybe you can clean out your storage unit by making a boat donation in Hollywood. Do you like life on the links? Are you one of the lucky ones with your own cart? You can donate a golf cart in Hollywood, which you may want to do if you just aren’t using it much anymore.

We pick up almost every kind of recreational vehicle donation in Hollywood also, from Gulf Streams to Winnebagos. Even if your vehicle doesn’t run we can most likely pick it up for you.

Are you a biker? Maybe you haven’t pulled your Harley out of the garage since last summer’s Lost Highway show. You can donate a motorcycle in Hollywood and benefit your Vietnam vet buddies or help kids with cancer.

Motorcycle Donations: http://www.cars2charities.org/donate-vehicle/motorcycle-donation

Veterans: https://www.cars2charities.com/causes/donate-car-veterans 

Children's Cancer: https://www.cars2charities.org/give/american-cancer-fund-for-children-car-donation

Most of all, you need someone dependable and experienced to handle the sale and donation of your car. At Cars2Charities, we’ve got experts available to take your call and respond quickly, wherever you are. Your car donation in Hollywood is something we’ve done over and over—we’ll handle it professionally and maximize your gift.

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