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Car donation in Chandler, Arizona

Do you keep saying to yourself, “I’ve got to get a new car”? Certainly, when you can’t trust your transportation it’s not worth hanging onto. But keeping up with the latest technology is important too. You may want to try a remote starter, or a touchscreen infotainment system in your next set of wheels.

Chandler 3Do you drive clients in your car? Another good reason you need a vehicle that’s reliable and presentable.

What will you do with the car you no longer need? A car donation in Chandler through Cars2Charities is a way to benefit your favorite cause AND benefit yourself with a tax write-off!

Why should I donate my car in Chandler instead of selling it?

Do you commute to Phoenix for work? Then you may be seeing your odometer hitting triple digits. It won’t be long before it’s the point of no return and you’re scrambling to find a replacement. Before you head to Earnhardt or go online to DriveTime, consider a vehicle donation in Chandler.

Have you thought about being nicer to the environment? Newer cars offer more than just better gas mileage. Did you see – even the Ford Fusion has an optional hybrid powertrain? But you don’t have to defend your decision to buy a new car – maybe you want nicer leather seats this time, or high-end enamel paint with clearcoat. Regardless of the reason, when you make a car charity donation in Chandler, you get a bonus – not only do you get to slip into some new wheels, you also receive a tax break and you get to send money to an organization that needs it.

Do you have a non-profit business group, such as the Chamber of Commerce? Or are you on the board of a foundation? You can direct proceeds from your donation car to any 501(c)(3) you’d like!

How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Chandler?

The main thing to keep in mind is, you want to avoid a dealer trade-in or a transaction using CarMax. The reason? You only utilize 30-40% of the value of your car! But with a charity car donation in Chandler through Cars2Charities you can write off 100% of the sale price of your donation vehicle.

In fact, a study done by USC’s Marshall School of Business says that for customers with trade-ins, dealers actually increase the sale price of the new car.

Do you do your own taxes? Turbo tax can walk you through the car donation process. And if you take your paperwork to McCauley, Nicholson & Preder or some other CPAs, they’ll applaud you for the additional write-off!

Living in Chandler is an advantage in and of itself. You love the weather, the family atmosphere, and it's affordable. But you still need all the financial benefits you can get. Chandler 4There’s a big advantage to donating a car in Chandler through Cars2Charities. You already know you’re getting a tax write-off, but our unique process typically reaps 25-50% more. We assess donation vehicles for any alterations they may need before selling them. A higher sale price = a higher tax break.

We’ve been in this industry for decades, so we have the knowledge and experience to handle the transaction for its maximum value. Our process is also professional and transparent. Both you and the charity you choose receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.

If you want additional opinions about donating a vehicle to charity in Chandler, visit this CPA firm’s site which discusses the idea. 

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How do I donate a vehicle in Chandler, Arizona?

It’s super easy! Whether you live in Gila Springs or downtown Chandler, all you have to do is call 855-520-2100 or go online to make an auto donation in Chandler.

chandler 6Do you work for Intel and your car called it quits when you pulled in? No problem – we come to you and tow away your donation vehicle at a time and place that’s convenient for you! We simply send our skilled technician to come and pick up your car.

Once you hand over the keys, you leave the driving to us, so to speak. At Cars2Charities, we prepare your car (no prepping or posting on your part!) and get it sold. We even handle all the paperwork, including the title transfer!

You can sit back and decide who you’d like to donate the proceeds to.

Do you want to benefit kids? If you’re involved in PTA or Scouting, just let us know. You can choose a religious organization too, such as your church, temple or mosque.

If you’ve ever battled cancer or have a loved one with a serious illness, this can be your opportunity to show your support. Would you like to donate a vehicle in Chandler for the Regional Medical Center Foundation

Let us know if you aren’t sure which cause to benefit. We can help you decide. We have partnerships with many, many car charity programs.

Can you donate a motorcycle in Chandler? What about an RV or a boat?

Do you have friends who, every time they come visit they park at The Motorcoach Resort? If you’re in a travel club, or just see the country in your own fifth wheel, there will probably come a time when you salivate when passing a hotel. When you decide to make a change, keep in mind you can donate an RV in Chandler.

Whether Firebird Lake is the excitement you like to have in your boat, or Veterans Oasis is more your speed, you occasionally need to replace your boat. Don’t forget the benefit of making a boat donation in Chandler through Cars2Charities!

Are you a member of one of the dozens of bike groups in the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs? When you – or your friends – want to send your hog to pasture, let us know. You can make a motorcycle donation in Chandler to a non-profit that needs support.

If you live at Sunbird, you’ve got a golf cart – and you probably use it a lot! There are too many activities to miss whenchandler 5 your Club Car isn’t working. Donate a golf cart in Chandler to free yourself up to buy a new one. 

Retired or operating a business in town, vehicles are a necessary part of your life. When you donate a car in Chandler, Arizona through Cars2Charities, you can become a hero to others, whoever you choose to benefit. There’s also, of course, your tax break, plus, you have an extremely easy way to move your vehicle to another party who needs some modest transportation. Our friendly associates can help you at any time!

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